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Chestnuts in syrup. Easy, simple and delicious cooking recipe

24 mayo, 2021

As in all chestnut recipes, our task begins with cooking the chestnuts in order to remove the shell and skin. As we want them to remain whole, the most laborious thing is this part. You have to do a hole in the chestnut with a sharp knife trying to cut the outer skin without breaking the chestnut. After cooking them for 15 minutes using cold water, the chestnuts are peeled without difficulty while they are hot. Trick: take two or three out of the saucepan, peel them and while leaving the others in the hot water so they don’t get cold.

We have calculated about 50 chestnuts in the ingredients, because many of them will break apart when peeled. Nothing happens. Those that break will be used to make a sponge cake or a chestnut cream, -an excellent garnish for party dishes-. You can also use these chestnuts in stews and cooked as if they were potatoes as I did in the Galician stew with chestnuts and kale that I prepared the other day. Those that are whole and well peeled, will be the ones that we use for this preserve in syrup.

To make the syrup, we heat the water with the sugar in a saucepan and when it starts to bubble, add the lemon peel and lower the heat. Let it reduce while it thickens until it takes the texture of a syrup, liquid but dense. When the syrup is ready after about ten minutes of cooking, put the cooked and peeled chestnuts inside and raise the heat. They have to boil for five minutes from the start of the boil again and then we turn off the heat.

We let them cool in the saucepan and then, carefully, we transfer them to sterilized jars, filling each one only with chestnuts. Then we add the liquid to complete the cans and close them until ready to consume. If they are not going to be taken in about seven days, it is convenient to vacuum pack them. To do this, put a kitchen towel in a pressure cooker, place the closed cans on the cloth and add water to cover up to half of the pot. Cook for 15 minutes in a bain-marie and let it cool before storing.

Chestnut Syrup Steps

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With what to accompany chestnuts in syrup

The chestnuts in syrup recipe is great both to have as dessert, -it is an exquisite bite- as to be part of the decoration of other more complex dishes or to serve as a filling for the classic Christmas roasts. You will see how many uses you give to this classic autumn sweet.

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