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Cherries with brandy. Prescription

25 mayo, 2021

At the age of eight, I discovered them. At the age of eight I got drunk for the first time by dint of eating cherries with brandy, from a jar that my grandmother had hidden at the bottom of the huge cupboard at home. In my defense I must say that I did not drink the liquor, but the cherries all fell.

After the initial stir, I think I remember a lot of laughs, from my mother, my grandmother, my uncles and more people I didn’t know. I also remember a firm promise that I made to myself, not to eat from it again. It is obvious that I have not fulfilled it.

The ingredients

1 liter of brandy or dry anise, ½ kilo of cherries, 150 grams of sugar, 1 cinnamon stick.

The preparation of cherries with brandy

We wash the cherries and remove the tails.

Cherries with brandy

We put it in a jar together with the sugar, cinnamon and brandy.

Cherries with brandy

Cherries with brandy

We close the jar, stir vigorously and store in a dry and dark place (the bottom of a kitchen cupboard). Let it rest for 3 months, stirring from time to time to help the sugar dissolve.

Preparation time | 10 minutes
Standby time | 3 months
Difficulty | Short


We must choose ripe and healthy cherries.

The cover photograph is of the freshly prepared cherries, after a while the cherries lose their color and the liquor gains it. The more time passes and the more embedded they are, the better.

And in this very fast time that they run, the best way to taste it is in a slow after-dinner, after a good coffee.

Important note | Keep the jar out of the reach of children up to 8 years old.

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