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Chef Yuri de Gortari, founder of the School of Mexican Gastronomy, passed away

23 mayo, 2021

On the afternoon of Tuesday, December 8, chef Yuri de Gortari, founder of the School of Mexican Gastronomy, passed away at the age of 69.

It was the same educational institution that he founded that gave the statement of death:

“Thank you dear Yuri because you let us be by your side, be part of your life and become soldiers who shoulder to shoulder fight for the same conviction: to love Mexico and its great food heritage”, you can read on the Facebook page of the School of Mexican Gastronomy.

Funeral services will be private and various tributes will be carried out for the chef.

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On the life of Yuri de Gortari

He was born in Mexico City on July 15, 1951. He studied Hispanic Language and Literatures at the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the UNAM.

However, since 1990 he devoted himself professionally to Mexican cuisine, being a great promoter of national gastronomy and its history.

He was the founder and director of the School of Mexican Gastronomy, History, Art and Culture, the only school specialized in traditional Mexican cuisine.

In addition, he was the outstanding host of the program Your Cuisine in Traditional Mexican Cuisine, broadcast on Channel Once, of the IPN.

And he also had his own YouTube channel, Kitchen Identity, where he talked about Mexican culture, history and gastronomy.

Forbes recognized him as one of the most influential Mexican chefs in the world and he won the National Gastronomy Award in Spain on two occasions, thanks to his work in research and dissemination of traditional Mexican cuisine.

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