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Cheese to melt

24 mayo, 2021

There are many recipes in which the melted cheese takes on a unique role, and as the variety of cheeses is so wide it is always great to remember some of the most appreciated for its ease of melting.

There are cheeses both soft and hard that are ideal for melting, the former can be used both grated, cut or sliced, the cut does not influence so much in its melting process, and the harder ones tend to be better if we grate them.

Here I show you some of the most common cheeses and ideal for melting, which will surely come in handy when making any preparation.

Cheese to melt

Cheese board to melt

When melting the cheese it is very important that we do it over low heat, since in this way we prevent the cheese from acquiring a grainy texture or separating. Normally the texture that a well melted cheese must present is shiny and with a smooth appearance.

Photo | Flickr
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