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Catalan cream. Easy, simple and delicious sweet recipe

25 mayo, 2021

We will start by cracking the eggs and separating the yolk from the whites. Do not throw them away, you can take advantage of them for other preparations.

In a pot we put the milk to heat with the lemon and orange peel and the cinnamon stick. On the other hand, in a bowl we mix, stirring well, the sugar and the cornstarch, add the beaten yolks and join everything with some rods.

When the milk starts to boil, pour in the mixture of yolks, sugar and cornstarch, which we will pass through a Chinese or coarse strainer. We stir over medium heat and non-stop stirring with a rod so it doesn’t stick to us until the mixture boils again. We pour into individual casseroles.

Let cool without covering and sprinkle with the rest of the sugar that we will have distributed among our creams. We flame with a kitchen torch until the sugar caramelizes. Serve cold.

Catalan cream

With what to accompany the Catalan cream

The Catalan cream It is already delicious by itself with its sugar crust, but if you have a sweet tooth, I advise you to accompany it with cream, sponge cakes or some crunchy wafers.

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