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Caprese salad, the simple Italian light recipe ready in five minutes

25 mayo, 2021

In the preparation of today’s recipe we are only going to use three main ingredients, in addition to the classic salt, pepper, oil and vinegar dressing, and yet with the Caprese salad we get a delicious Italian recipe ready in five minutes with which, although it is very light, we are going to enjoy a great explosion of flavors.

For its elaboration, invest in good tomatoes, meaty and ripe, full of flavor, buy the authentic Italian buffalo mozzarella, and use fresh basil leaves, from our urban garden, or freshly bought from the supermarket.

The recipe basically consists of cut the ingredients into thin slices of similar size and arrange them harmoniously on a plate or platter. Afterwards, it is enough to dress our salad before tasting it.

It is such a simple recipe that it has no mystery. We wash the tomato and basil well and dry them with kitchen paper. We also dry the mozzarella ball to make it easier for us to cut it into slices.

On the other hand, to the basil leaves, We remove the stem so that only the tastiest part is in the salad. We cut the tomato into thin slices. It is preferable to use ripe tomatoes with a lot of flavor to notice the contrast of the ingredients.

On a plate we place a tomato slice and then a mozzarella slice mounted on it. On each slice of mozzarella cheese we place a basil leaf. We repeat the operation until the circle is closed. Decorate with a basil bud in the center.

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Before bringing to the table, we dress the salad with a pinch of salt in the tomatoes and a few turns of the black pepper mill. Top it off with a good extra virgin olive oil and sprinkle with balsamic vinegar spray or Modena vinegar.

With what to accompany the Caprese salad

Is Caprese salad It is a great starter that we can take first before eating pasta, thus reducing the portion of the latter. We can also use it as a garnish for meat or fish dishes.

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