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Caesar salad, the authentic recipe for the most famous salad in the world

22 mayo, 2021

Many are fans of enjoying this classic salad, the Caesar salad, but not everyone knows the authentic recipe for this salad of Mexican origin. As with the authentic carbonara sauce made with eggs and pecorino cheese, which does not have cream among its ingredients, today we are going to show you how to make Caesar Salad, the authentic recipe that does not include chicken or anchovies, nor is it made with a mixture of different varieties of lettuce, but with romaine lettuce leaves, loaded with the dressing.

The Original recipe was prepared at Hotel Caesar’s by Cardini restaurant chef, Remigio MurgiaAlthough the dish was initially called aviators’ salad since it was made for them, when they went to Tijuana to look for alcohol during prohibition or Prohibition in the United States. Later Cesare Cardini registered the sauce with the name of Cardini´s Original Caesar Dressing Mix and it began to be called as Cesar salad in honor of the chef César Cardini, owner of the restaurant.

Later, due to the success of the recipe in Mexico and the United States of America, the recipe reached Europe, at the hands of the Dukes of Windsor, adapting to the current times in which the modern recipe for this salad is made with chicken, anchovies, mixed lettuce and is presented differently. In a few days we will show you that other modern version with chicken of the Caesar Salad recipe.

The best chicken salads

We will first prepare the homemade croutons. For this we heat the oven to 180º. While it is heating, we rub the bread with a clove of garlic and cut it into cubes. Season the bread with a little olive oil and bake for 5 minutes until golden brown.

To make the Caesar dressing or sauce, we puree the garlic clove that we had used to rub the bread and mix it with the oil, the Perrins sauce, the lemon juice, a tablespoon of vinegar and the egg yolk. We beat well until emulsified and we reserve it. As you can see, in the original sauce, anchovies are not used, but they are used in the sauce of the modern Caesar salad with chicken.

We wash and dry the romaine lettuce leaves and season them carefully. Then we pour the Caesar dressing or sauce over the boats or romaine lettuce leaves. We complete by filling the leaves with some croutons and grating the Parmesan cheese at the moment above so that it is well visible.

Authentic Cesar Salad

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With what to accompany the authentic Caesar salad

The authentic Caesar salad recipe It is perfect as a garnish, especially to “degrease” if we are eating a meat roast like our roast suckling pig or a good roast chicken recipe. As you will soon see when we make the recipe for the modern chicken Caesar salad, which works very well as a single dish, this authentic Caesar salad is best served as a side.

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