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Black Beans in Crock-Pot. Easy, simple and delicious cooking recipe

25 mayo, 2021

Taking advantage of the slow cooker when we have to stay at home also has many advantages. While great for making succulent casseroles and mouth-watering meats, a Crock-Pot is the best tool for get rid of laziness once and for all to cook our own legumes.

The black beansWhether from Tolosa or another variety, they are a very versatile fridge or freezer bottom. Small and tasty without being as creamy as cinnamon or a few pints, her thin skin makes them cook faster than other beans or chickpeas. And you don’t always have to remember to soak them.

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If the black beans are seasonal, of recent harvest, and of good quality, soaking is not essential, even more so if we are going to cook them in a slow cooker. We will hardly gain time and lose flavor, but it is true that with soaking they will be more digestive, if we are especially delicate. In addition, soaking them inhibits the action of antinutrients.

In any case, it is recommended boil the legumes for 10 minutes before cooking in a slow cooker to avoid the natural toxins (lectins) present in raw beans. When cooked at a low temperature, this toxin may not disappear completely and cause discomfort, especially if we have not soaked them before.

Except for salt, all other ingredients are optional, but highly recommended. We can play with what we have in the pantryTake the opportunity to release an onion that is already in danger, or try other dried herbs, even chili peppers, seaweed or dried mushrooms.

If we want to buy some time and make the beans more digestible, put them to soak the day before or about eight hours before. For it, rinse them first in case there are any impurities, and cover with plenty of cold water with a teaspoon of salt.

Rinse gently after soaking, put in a pot or saucepan with new water and bring to a boil. Boil 10 minutes and transfer with the same water to the slow cooker. Add the bay leaf, garlic, onion, a dash of vinegar and another more generous of olive oil.

Add more water until a couple of fingers are over. Add a teaspoon of salt, mix gently and put the lid on the pot.

Slowcooker beans.  Steps

Program 6 hours on low power. This type of bean, when fresh, does not usually need more time, but depends on the variety and taste. Check the point and, if necessary, increase the time in half-hour intervals. We don’t want them too soft.

Add the other teaspoon of salt at the end of cooking. We will leave them cool in the broth itself inside the pot and thus they will take on a better texture, softening a little more. Use as desired.

With what to accompany black beans

Once they have cooled down enough, we can separate the aromatics from the pot and save the beans in portions as we are interested. For example in portions for a diner with its broth, which can be frozen, or by draining the legume completely to keep dry. We can also crush everything to turn them into a more or less thick cream, combining it -or not- with other vegetables that we have roasted or cooked.

Black beans are a excellent filler of fajitas, tacos, burritos and enchiladas, and we can fry or sauté them to combine them with rice, vegetables or meats. We can use them to complete cold or warm salads, enrich vegetable creams or a light soup with pasta. quinoa or rice. They can also be made into hummus, veggie burgers, etc.

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