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beyond rice and roll

23 mayo, 2021

We continue with our advice so that you know what to order in each type of restaurant according to the variety of cuisine it offers. If we already tell you what to order in a Japanese restaurant, in a Peruvian restaurant or what to order in an Asturian restaurant, today we will tell you what to order in a chinese restaurant, so that you have our recommendations at hand.

The first thing to remember is that there are basically two types of chinese restaurants: Chinese cuisine restaurants adapted to European tastes, where you can try spring rolls, three delights rice and lemon chicken, to give some examples of classic Chinese dishes from each neighborhood and on the other hand the authentic chinese food restaurants like El bundt, Casa Lafu in Madrid, where you can discover other interesting and more authentic dishes.

What to order in an Asturian restaurant


What to order in a Chinese restaurant

It is good to remember that In Chinese restaurants it is common to order everything at once and alternate bites of one dish and the other, sharing everything ordered at the table. However for better organization I have ordered the dishes by types to make it easier for you.

spring rolls Chinese fried rolls

One of the classic dishes to start To order in Chinese restaurants is fried rice, three delicacies that we have also made in another version, the special fried rice. Along with them, the classic fried spring rolls, with different fillings, or the rolls made with rice pasta.

Other starters that were previously very common, -and that today is less and less ordered- are the shark fin soup or the swallow’s nest soup, which have now been replaced by salads such as Chinese cabbage, or dim sums, a dish that we see every time in more Asians, also in their Japanese versions of Gyozas, nems and other snacks to start.

Other dishes to order as starters

pakchoi Pak choi stir fry with mushrooms

Stir-fries are a good choice. Good proof is this sautéed pakchoi and mushrooms without forgetting the pasta dishes such as noodles in soups or the noodle soup with vegetables from our colleagues from Directo al Paladar México.

Eggplants Bund Sichuan Eggplants on The Bund

I also recommend try chinese vegetables, -I love Chinese-style aubergines- or dishes with bamboo shoots or with lettuce and Chinese cabbages whose flavor is really surprising. Chinese mushrooms are also always highly appreciated.

Meat dishes

meats Pork dish with sweet and sour sauce

Although there are some dishes with veal, in general the meat section is more represented by chicken and duck dishes, and also for some preparations with pork, usually cooked with the skin crispy and bathed in traditional sauces such as sweet and sour.

Kung Pao Chicken Kung Pao Chicken

Another classic is the recipes with chicken, like the lemon chicken I was saying before or my favorite, the kung-pao chicken that you can also make with this other version of Liliana’s kung pao recipe. Take a good look at the menu because there are many recipes made with chicken that you will like in Chinese restaurants.

pineapple chicken Chinese-style pineapple chicken

Among others, we also recommend the Asian-style sautéed chicken or chicken with pineapple, which They are traditional recipes from Chinese restaurants that you may want to try. Another classic is chicken chop-suey, a classic stir fry with bean sprouts and soy sauce that is always loved by young and old alike.

general tso chicken General Tso’s Crispy Chicken

Finally, another highly recommended dish is the crispy chicken in the style of General Tso, whose intense flavor you will love, and which should be accompanied by rice. As for duck recipes, the roast duck -In addition to a good Chinese restaurant in Madrid- it is a dish that is always enjoyed, eating it in the small wafers stuffed with chives, the duck in threads and pieces of the crispy skin.

What to order in a Japanese restaurant

Chinese recipes with fish

chinese fish Turbot on The Bund

It is not the most common option but in Chinese restaurants there are usually good elaborations with fish. Ask and you will be surprised with the recipes they make with sea bass, with turbot and let us advise you. I already said that we do not usually order fish in Chinese restaurants and yet they usually make tasty dishes that are very different from those we usually eat.

prawns with oyster sauce Prawns with oyster sauce

Seafood, especially shrimp and prawn-based dishes like these prawns with oyster sauce, are usually very rich. You will also find them in recipes such as chop-suey or in original dishes like the classics Rice Kubak with prawns or prawns.

What to order in a Peruvian restaurant

The hot pot or Huo Guo

huo guo or hot pot Huo Guo or Chinese Hot pot

It is not something that you find in all Chinese restaurants but if you have the chance, do not stop trying the Chinese hot pot or Huo Guo pot, a kettle divided into two parts -one more spicy- in which we are submerging all kinds of food, meat, fish, seafood, vegetables and which is shared around the table, as if it were a fondue. At Casa Lafu you will find my favorite in Madrid.

Desserts in Chinese restaurants

Chinese Ice Cream Dessert Sesame ice cream

Perhaps desserts are the weak point of Chinese restaurants. In general, among their offer to finish the menu there is usually fruit, hopefully lychee, ice cream and sometimes a not too elaborate dessert. The decoration and presentation of the desserts is not very careful and sometimes we find it outdated, but it is worth asking because sometimes there are original ice creams such as sesame They served me at The Bund, correct despite the plating with cream and unnecessary decoration.

We hope this article on what to order in a chinese restaurant It has been useful and practical and also that it is good for you to access some of the recipes that we have published in Directo al Paladar. My final advice, ask and let yourself be advised by restaurant professionals and look at what they ask at other tables to find inspiration.

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