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Benefits of zucchini that you did not know

27 mayo, 2021

It is not lacking in any Mexican cuisine: we invite you to know the benefits of zucchini which, in addition to being healthy, is delicious and very versatile when cooking.

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In Mexico, one of the most popular and consumed vegetables is usually zucchini, that famous food that has become a staple of the kitchen, like corn and beans, and that is really so delicious and accessible that it combines perfectly with everything that is combined.

Despite being a widely consumed food, very few of us know everything that zucchini can contribute to our body and health, so you cannot miss all its benefits and how they can help us.

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Benefits of zucchini

benefits of zucchini

Benefits of zucchini (Photo: Getty Images)

  • First, 90% of its weight is water, so it is low in calories. Ideal for the diet!
  • ½ cup of zucchini contains more than 1 gram of fiber.
  • It is an important source of potassium, so it helps control blood pressure by lowering sodium in the blood; it is ideal for people with hypertension.
  • Source of iron, ideal to be consumed by children and young women.
  • It is rich in vitamin C and A, especially in carotenes, zeaxanthin and lutein, which function as antioxidants protecting the cell membrane, encouraging aging and preventing diseases by detecting free radicals.
  • It has no fat or calories.
  • It also helps boost the immune system preventing colds and kidney stones.
  • Strengthens bones and teeth.
  • It helps you keep your skin healthy.
  • In addition, it is advisable to eat it with everything and skin, since most of its antioxidants and fiber are found in it.
  • Finally, it is rich in B complex vitamins, folate, B6, B1, B2, B3 and choline, as well as minerals such as iron, manganese and phosphorus.

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Types of pumpkins

types of pumpkin

Types of pumpkin (Photo: Getty Images)

There is a great variety of pumpkin species, but, among the best known, in the first place we find:

  • The famous pumpkin Maximum cucurbit, which is better known as the Halloween pumpkin
  • Mostacha: from this the pumpkin flower is extracted, its shape is very similar to that of a peanut, its shell is smooth and orange.
  • Pepo: It is better identified as zucchini, zuccini or zucchini, which is identified by having a shade that ranges from green to yellow and having an elongated or round shape.
  • TOrgyrosperma: it has an oval shape and is commonly known as pipiana; Of this, its seed is usually used more, since it has a high content of oil and protein, which are used to make sauces such as pipián.
  • Ficifolia: It is commonly known as chilacayote; This pumpkin is usually confused with the pepo because of its color, since, when it is tender, it measures 6 to 12 cm, but, when ripe, it usually reaches 20 or 25 cm.

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