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Benefits of yogurt and which is the best for health

27 mayo, 2021

Still not in the habit of eating yoghurt? Definitely, this food can not be missing in your life, because its nutrients have great benefits for your health.

On this occasion, the nutritionist Alejandra Romero It explains the healthiest way to consume yogurt and which is the best for you. Take note!

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Know everything about yogurt

Yogurt benefits

After reading this information, you won’t be leaving yogurt off your grocery list. (Photo: Getty Images)

What are the main health benefits?

Yogurt is a food that is obtained from the fermentation of cow’s milk, mainly. A few years ago, yogurt was sold in pharmacies, because it has many health benefits.

By adding the microorganisms that make the milk ferment, nutritional health benefits are also added.

Among the main ones are that it is a complete food that will provide you with carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

It also provides some vitamins and minerals, of which calcium stands out, since its levels are more concentrated after fermentation.

In addition, the ferments in yogurt help intestinal health, prevent obesity and diabetes.

Another good reason to consume yogurt is that it contains less lactose than cow’s milk: in the fermentation process, the ferments feed on the lactose and this makes it have a lower content.

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What is the best way to consume it?

It is a very versatile food, and can be consumed by both children and adults. One of its great advantages is that it can be consumed alone or with other foods.

It can be consumed with fruits or cereals. Nevertheless. there are people who have chosen to use it in both sweet and savory recipes instead of milk or cream.


Craved yogurt yet? (Photo: Getty Images)

What is the healthiest type of yogurt?

There are different types, and among the most common are the drinkable, the solid and the Greek: the latter is characterized by having a higher protein content and its texture is creamier.

In reality, they are all healthier, and it depends on the taste of each person. Of course, you have to look for yogurts that have natural fruit, that are reduced in sugar, and that are lactose-free so that it is kinder to the intestine.

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Is there a time of day when it is healthy to consume it?

It does not matter what time you consume it. This will provide you with the same nutrients at any time of the day.

It is ideal as a breakfast, also as a snack between meals.


Give yogurt to your intestinal flora. (Photo: Getty Images)

What foods are the best to combine with yogurt?

Being a very versatile and nutritious food, it has the advantage that you can combine it with many foods, both sweet and savory.

It is ideal with fruits, granola, honey, cereals such as amaranth, quinoa and seeds such as chia.

You can also try mixing it with vegetables in the form of smoothies or in bowls.

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