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Benefits of watercress that you did not know

28 mayo, 2021

When you’ve gone to the market, haven’t you taken your good bunch of watercress? Well, it is time for you to start consuming it, because this herb has great properties that you should take advantage of.

Read on and discover everything it offers to your health. Take advantage of it, because in addition, it is very cheap and quite yielding food!

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Health benefits of watercress


Learn about the benefits of watercress. (Photo: Getty Images)

Hydrates you

In this hot season, how important it is to hydrate! And eating watercress can help you: this plant has a large amount of water, positioning it as a hydrating food that takes care of you inside and out.

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Watercress is rich in fiber

In addition to water, watercress fiber helps regulate digestion, has a satiating effect and keeps the intestine regulated.

And last but not least, these effects help reduce fat and lose weight.

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High vitamin content

If you were wondering about the vitamins that watercress contains, these are many! Vitamins A, group B, C, D and E, which help to strengthen the defenses, in addition to improving circulation.

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Watercress also has minerals

If you were surprised by how many vitamins it has, let us tell you that it is also rich in potassium, calcium, iodine, zinc, and also iron.

These minerals protect bone health, improve growth and strengthen the body against diseases such as anemia.

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Diuretic effect

Watercress is perfect for people who suffer from fluid retention, as it reinforces the diuretic action.

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Hair health with watercress

Its combo of vitamins and minerals helps to improve the health of the hair and this will be reflected in its appearance: you will notice it stronger and brighter.

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Gift for your skin

Watercress helps to renew the skin, as it hydrates it and also contains antioxidants that leave it younger, smoother and softer.

The best thing is that it enables a natural rejuvenation, preventing signs of aging from appearing.

Are you going to dare to eat watercress?

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How to keep watercress always fresh


(Photo: Getty Images)

These pungent tasting leaves and stems are so delicate that they quickly wilt, their green color changes to yellow, and their flavor begins to ferment; They can even become toxic, so you must consume them within two days of purchase.

Wash the branches thoroughly under running tap water, and to keep them for up to a week, place them vertically in a glass of water; this in turn, cover it with a plastic bag and put it in the refrigerator.

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