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Benefits of lemon ice that will make it your favorite dessert

27 mayo, 2021

We are all excited to hear the snow cart approaching our homes, especially in this hot season! And we have good news for you: it is the ideal time for you to come and ask for one lemon snow, because in addition to taking away the heat, it has great health benefits!

Yes, how you heard: from now on, this will be your favorite dessert. Read on and discover everything it has for you, in addition to its freshness and flavor!

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Benefits of lemon snow

Lemon snow

Lemon snow will become your favorite. Keep reading! (Photo: Getty Images)

Take care of your teeth and gums

Have you had a tooth removed and / or are your gums inflamed? You should know that this snow helps you reduce inflammation and fight the pain caused by extraction.

Not only that: snow lemon also helps you prevent mouth infections, so we highly recommend it to avoid further discomfort.

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Lemon snow soothes a sore throat

This is an excellent remedy when your throat feels irritated and / or dry. Of course: you can use it as long as you do not have symptoms of a cold or flu.

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It is very hydrating

For this hot season, it is the perfect dessert! And not only because of its water content. Lemon will provide you with greater freshness and relief that will prevent you from feeling hot flashes, in addition to improving your mood when you feel very hot.

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It is a very low calorie dessert

This depends on the ingredients from which it is made. The lemon ice made with water and natural fruit is ideal to enjoy a delicious dessert without remorse.

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Lemon snow detoxifies you

Lemon is a fruit that is an ideal regulator that eliminates the accumulation of foreign substances in the body, in addition to fighting microbes and various viruses.

Do you need more reasons to try it? So take advantage and go running for a rich lemon-flavored snow.

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