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Benefits of lavender for your beauty

28 mayo, 2021

There is a plant that hypnotizes us just by perceiving its aroma: lavender. But in addition to its delicious smell, there are many more properties for which it is appreciated, such as its use in the kitchen, and lavender benefits for your beauty.

Here we show you everything that lavender has for your skin and hair. You will undoubtedly include it in your beauty routine from now on.

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Benefits of lavender for the health of your beauty


Lavender oil will become your favorite ally in your beauty routine. (Photo: Getty Images)

Fight acne

One of the benefits of lavender is its powerful action against acne, as it has antiseptic properties that help kill the bacteria that cause skin eruptions.

Lavender oil is an excellent anti-inflammatory that helps prevent pimples from becoming infected or swelling the skin. In addition, this oil does not clog pores, and helps control excess sebum and oil.

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Lavender benefits: dermal detoxifier

The antioxidants in lavender help control free radicals found in the environment that cause the skin to dry out, giving it radiance.

Lavender benefits

Benefits of lavender (Photo: Getty Images)

Effective against burns

Lavender has the wonderful property of stimulating the skin to form new cells in a burned area. If you go to the beach and are affected by the sun, it would be a very good idea to have a little lavender nearby, so that you can apply it after rinsing.

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Lavender benefits: magic toner

To restore the firmness of your skin, nothing better than lavender. This helps improve circulation, as well as oxygenate and nourish cells, preventing wrinkles and expression lines from forming.

Lavender benefits

Benefits of lavender for your beauty (Photo: Getty Images)

Goodbye fall

Hair is not excluded from the benefits of lavender. An oil massage on the scalp is very good to prevent hair loss, in addition to stimulating its growth.

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Dandruff out!

Did you discover dandruff and have an itchy scalp? Lavender also helps you fight these problems, because it contains antibacterial properties.

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