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Benefits of burning bay leaves in your home

28 mayo, 2021

Have you asked yourself what is the laurel for? This tree is full of great properties that you can take advantage of by preparing a tea, or you can also enjoy its benefits by burning a few of its leaves.

This is one of the favorite remedies of our mothers and grandmothers, because its aroma is therapeutic and delicious, and today it is your turn to learn it. Read on and find out how it works.

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What is laurel for: benefits of burning its leaves

what is the laurel for

What is laurel for: find out. (Photo: Getty Images)

  • Improve your mood: the aroma of laurel helps reduce headaches, anxiety and other discomforts caused after a bad and heavy day. Put it to the test!
  • For the respiratory tract: by inhaling its aroma, it improves the health of the respiratory system, because it has essential oils that work as natural expectorants and decongestants.
  • Disinfects: believe it or not! These same properties eliminate bacteria that cause different diseases of the respiratory system.
  • Helps concentration: do you have something very important to do and are you easily distracted? The aroma of laurel is in your favor, because just by inhaling it improves brain capacity.

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How to burn bay leaves?

You only need a few dried bay leaves and place them on a burner, allowing them to emit smoke and this is distributed throughout the space.

You can also use a rustic or electronic diffuser: put a few bay leaves in boiling water and after a while put the water in the diffuser to steam.

Eye: If using electronic diffuser, wait for the water to cool down.

Another way that can even be decorative is by placing bay leaves around a candle and letting its wax heat them and the phlegm burn them. Just take care that there are no nearby objects that can light up.

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