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Benefits of black radish that you should know

26 mayo, 2021

Did you already know the black radish? This is an edible vegetable belonging to the Brassicaceae family and is also known as winter radish.

As for its flavor, it is spicier than normal radish, which makes it ideal for preparing soups, stews and dishes with roasted vegetables.

But beyond what you can prepare, let us tell you that this food has great health benefits and without a doubt you will want to take advantage of them after knowing them. Take note and run to the market for some black radishes!

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Black radish benefits

black radish

Go ahead and try black radish in your meals to take advantage of its benefits. (Photo: Getty Images)

Disintegrates gallstones

Black radish juice is good for treating gallstones and cholesterol in the gallbladder. This was demonstrated by the research of Hibraín Guillermo Castro Torres, a doctoral student in Biomedical Sciences at UNAM.

Black radish reduces blood cholesterol

By having a lipid-lowering effect, it can lower lipid levels in the blood.

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Supports liver functions

This vegetable helps the liver with its purifying function of the body, thanks to its organic sulfur compounds.

Improve digestion with black radish

It has enzymes that promote liver function, ideal for people with heavy digestion problems, as well as preventing stomach allergies.

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Fight respiratory diseases

It has effects that help calm the bronchial tubes, in addition to clearing the throat and appeasing aphonia. Not only that: it relieves symptoms of asthma, cough and bronchitis.

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