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Benefits of banana peel for your plants and how to use it

27 mayo, 2021

From now on, every time you see one banana peel, you will want to save it to take advantage of it and use it on your plants. Know its benefits and how you can use it.

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Benefits of banana peel for plants


Keep reading and know the benefits of banana peel for the health of your plants. (Photo: Getty Images)

  • It is rich in phosphorus, which helps plants to have healthy roots and shoots, as well as helping to achieve better shoot production. Your plants will grow bigger and stronger.
  • Contains magnesium, which supports healthy photosynthesis.
  • It has calcium, which favors the roots and stems. It also helps break down soil components such as nitrogen that displace minerals through plants.
  • Finally, it has potassium, which helps plants develop stronger roots, in addition to improving the distribution of nutrients and water, allowing greater resistance to pests and diseases.

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How to use it on your plants

Banana peel for plants

In addition to the homemade cleaner, don’t forget to use the banana peel. (Photo: Getty Images)

  • To water them: soak some husks for 1 or 2 days and water your plants with the water. Do it once a week.
  • As a compost for the soil: cut the husks into small pieces and place them directly in the soil to make a compost. You can also blend them with a little water and stir the result with the earth.
  • To nourish: let the peel dry in the sun for 2 days. Then place it around your plants and water as usual. This provides slow release nutrition.
  • Control pests: dry the peels and grind them. Sprinkle the dust around the plants and forget about pests.

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