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Beer Kegs Are They Worth It?

24 mayo, 2021

With football and snacks, there is nothing that goes with it better than a good beer. Surely many of you have been tempted by those miniature beer kegs. But Are they worth it? Speaking clearly: no.

For those of you who do not know what I am talking about, several years ago, some 5 liter beer kegs from a well-known Dutch beer brand, with its pseudo pressure system and all. They promised a better beer, to be the life of the party and until your team won if you bought them; “To lie.”

Well, to be frank, a little bit the life of the party yes they are, because the process of serving you a cane in conditions has its that, and the barrel acquires a prominence that cans or bottles do not have, unless we dedicate ourselves to opening them in unlikely ways.

Beer keg tap

Returning a little to the subject that concerns us, it is best that we review the advantages and disadvantages to verify why domestic beer kegs are not worth it:


  • They have their grace, and they look a lot on the table
  • Well shot, the reed comes out with a dense and pleasant foam


  • They are expensiveBeer is almost twice as expensive as if we buy cans of the same brand, which is already expensive. The liter comes to cost about three euros.
  • You have to be very proactive, since needs to be in the fridge for almost 12 hours to cool down alright (so ruled out for tonight’s game)
  • The first beers come out with a lot of foam, or rather all foam, and that by handling the barrel with care and pulling with care, if we move it abruptly or serve it haphazardly, things get worse. When you take it out of the fridge, it should be left to rest for a few minutes.
  • They heat up easilyIn other words, the last reeds are not particularly cold.
  • You have to drink it in one go (maybe this is an advantage), because although the gas does not lose strength, from the next day the beer does not taste the same.
Barrel Franziskaner and Paulaner

As you have seen, beer kegs are not a panaceaespecially those with their own pressure system. Then there are others, for example, of the delicious Franziskaner and Paulaner (and many more brands), which are like a large can of beer, with a more reasonable price given the quality of those beers (12 euros), but which are served for gravity with a tap at the bottom.

These barrels can be used in some domestic shooters —I have even seen refrigerators that incorporate them — but the experiences I have had with these shooters is that they waste a lot of beer, although in this case I have not handled them enough to judge them. You can also offer me your impressions.

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