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Beer for your plants: discover how to use it in your garden

27 mayo, 2021

Today we make a toast to the health of your plants! And we have discovered how beer It can help to beautify your garden and also take care of your crops.

If you also want to try this ingredient, read on and be fascinated by the results.

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How to use beer to care for your plants

Apply it to your compost

Beer for your compost

Beer for your compost (Photo: Getty Images)

Beer acts as an additive to compost. Its yeasts and sugars are an excellent food for the microorganisms present in the compost. In addition, it increases the rate of decomposition, so you can use it in good time in your garden.

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Beer to fertilize

Lemon plant

(Photo: Getty Images)

Did you have any beer left over? Use it to water plants and enrich the soil. You just have to dilute it in water and irrigate from time to time.

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An evergreen grass

Green grass

Beer will give your grass the green you love so much. (Photo: Getty Images)

If your lawn looks brown, you just have to spray this drink to nourish it, plus its acidic nature will kill fungi and pests that damage it.

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Clean your tools with beer

Garden tools

(Photo: Getty Images)

Remove rust from your garden tools: Spray your tools with a spray bottle and let it sit for 20 minutes. Then clean them with a cloth. You can also clean nuts and bolts with this method.

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Attracts bees and butterflies

Butterfly and bee

(Photo: Getty Images)

We know that these insects help pollinate and that their role is vital in the environment. Well, buy them a sip of this drink! Pour the liquid into a saucepan and place it in your garden. Its aroma attracts them a lot.

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