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BBQ Ribs New York the ultimate barbecue pork ribs recipe

22 mayo, 2021

The first part, necessary so that the ribs are at their point of salt and tender like no other, so that they practically fall apart and the bone comes out clean without any meat attached is cook the ribs in salted water for one hour and fifteen minutes over medium heat. To do this, even with a good saucepan, it will be necessary to cut the ribs in half.

After cooking, we will notice that the two portions of the ribs are very tender, and that bones begin to show as meat shrinks as a result of cooking. Be careful when removing the ribs or they will split into more portions.

Preheat the oven to 180º and arrange the two halves of the ribs in a suitable baking dish or if you prefer, on the same baking sheet. Once placed, cover with plenty of barbecue sauce. My friend Marco recommended that I use authentic American sauces if possible or at least barbecue sauces with special ingredients like mustard and honey.

Bake the ribs for forty minutes, until the barbecue sauce has started to bubble, and let’s see that the rib bones poke a bit more, signal that the plate is finished.

Marco Bbq Ribs New York Steps

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With what to accompany BBQ Ribs New York or American style pork ribs

The BBQ Ribs New York are so tender and tasty You should think about how many you are going to eat before you start because if you are careless you can eat half a rack or even more without hardly realizing it. To accompany them, we recommend a degreasing garnish such as a salad of green leaves.

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