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Basic Russian salad, easy, simple and delicious cooking recipe

23 mayo, 2021

Find one the authentic Russian salad recipe it is somewhat complicated, if not impossible. The origin is in the Olivier salad created by chef Lucien Olivier in 1860 in Moscow. The original recipe looks little like the current Russian salads. And it is that “the kitchen is something that adapts with the times”, tells us the chef Juan Pozuelo with whom we have talked about the matter salad rack how much culinary extremist seems to be taken to heart in our country.

Today, “the salad recipe would be defenestrated if we saw it with beets, green beans, artichokes and truffles. Therefore, either someone with the right assumes legitimacy and explains it properly, or we leave it to common sense“adds Pozuelo.

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“From that stadium we can assure that, at present, the basic ingredients are potato, boiled egg and mayonnaise. From there carrot, peas, bonito or tuna, bell pepper, green beans, olives or any other ingredients that in different areas are considered appropriate. They should try to follow the sense of being properly cooked, cut or grated into small pieces, which allows better mixing of flavors and an adequate proportion of mayonnaise so that it is juicy, just right. Neither excessively plastered, nor too light in texture, “concludes the chef.

As to variations on the basic Russian salad recipe, Juan Pozuelo defends that they are based on common sense, that they can be explained and that they add value to the whole. Nothing to add to add or to add a touch of color and other things like that that can distract attention from the predominant texture that should be smooth and creamy.

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Recommendations of Juan Pozuelo to make a Russian salad with honors

Having clarified the questions about which ingredients are the basic ingredients of the Russian salad and what concessions to allow to enrich it and adapt it to everyone’s taste, the chef tells us what are his Tips and Tricks for Making an Honors Plate Russian Salad.

Juan begins by pointing out the importance of select good ingredients and cook them properly. “A potato cooked with skin over a low heat so that it does not break and does not absorb water. I like to grate it more than cut it, the same as the egg and the carrot. The vegetables should be cooked but not pureed,” he explains. .

And he continues to advise that the Mayo be smooth, “with a touch of good olive oil.” From now on, the chef leaves the recipe a bit at the moment. “A good olive, a small piece of bell pepper or piquillo pepper, a good tuna belly, some finely chopped shellfish,” according to his criteria.

Last but not least, find the right point of salt exact and pay attention to “the operating temperature: never fresh out of the fridge, allowed to warm up a bit “.

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Cook the potatoes and carrots, without peeling, in a saucepan with plenty of water. We do it over a low heat, without haste, and we remove the vegetables when we notice that, when piercing with a skewer, they are al dente. The carrots will be ready before the potatoes, although everything will depend on the size and age of both.

Meanwhile we cook three eggs, immersing them in a saucepan with boiling salted water and a splash of vinegar. We remove after 10-12 minutes and we immediately refresh in abundant ice water to cut cooking. Peel, finely chop and reserve.

When the vegetables are ready and have lost temperature, we peel and chop them or, in the case of potatoes, we grate. Mix with the eggs and season to taste. We prepare a homemade mayonnaise following these instructions, using a little olive oil to give an extra touch of flavor. Add, stir well and store in the fridge. We warm up for a few minutes before serving.

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With what to accompany the Russian salad

The Russian salad It can be accompanied by a cool drink and a good amount of bread, pickles or scolds. This basic recipe admits variations such as the addition of canned tuna, seafood, olives, green beans, among others, although as it is richer it is as is. Less is more.