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Basic recipe of yogurt sauce to accompany salads, vegetables or meats

23 mayo, 2021

Yogurt sauce is a very versatile recipe, which gives a point of freshness to all kinds of salads, vegetables or meats. It is ideal for dressing compound salads, baked or grilled vegetables, but also a simple chicken breast or any piece of lamb, meat to which yogurt feels great.

Like all sauces, can be made more or less strong depending on our tastes and the dish it is going to accompany, but following these measures it is impossible to fail.

What is and how to make a composite salad

The recipe has no mystery, but an important trick. The secret to making the sauce really tasty lies in grate the garlic instead of mincing it, because in this way we achieve that it is truly present in the whole.

Yogurt Collage

Pour the two yogurts (250 grams) into a bowl. Grate the garlic, helping you with a teaspoon or a tongue so that it does not remain on the grater. With a whole tooth the sauce is powerful. If garlic is bad for you, you can add half a clove or even a quarter.

Add to the mix the juice of half a lemon, salt and freshly ground black pepper and mix well with a spoon (no need to use a mixer). Simpler impossible.

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With what to accompany the yogurt sauce

This sauce it is tremendously versatile And it can be used to accompany anything from a sautéed eggplant and peppers, to some medallions of lentils and curry, to lamb burgers.

It can also be served as a sauce for dip Accompanied by raw vegetable sticks or to lighten the frying. There is no better sauce to accompany a good homemade falafel.