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Basic recipe for vanilla cupcakes to decorate

23 mayo, 2021

We heat the oven to 160º with heat up and down, without air. We prepare a cupcake baking tray with six normal-size capsules. We beat the butter with the sugar until it forms a cream. We add the egg and the vanilla (powder, paste or essence), without stopping beating.

On the other hand we mix the flour with the yeast and add it to the sifted dough. We combine alternating with the milk and mix with a tongue until the dough is homogeneous. With an ice cream rationer we pour a “ball” of dough in each capsule.

Bake for about 15 minutesIt depends a bit on the oven and the size of our cupcakes. Let the cupcakes rest inside the tray, outside the oven, for about five minutes and transfer them to a rack until they cool completely.

Basic recipe for vanilla cupcakes to decorate

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With what to accompany the vanilla cupcakes to decorate

The Basic vanilla cupcakes to decorate we must keep them away from the air so that they do not spoil. We can do it for two or three days before decorating them so that they remain juicy, much longer it will not be possible. An airtight can or jar is a perfect place for this.

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