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Baked snapper on its bed of potatoes, the easiest baked fish recipe

22 mayo, 2021

To cook this snapper in one piece, -without opening or filleting- we will ask the fishmonger to clean and gut it for roasting in the oven. As we are going to roast it on its bed of potatoes, we begin by peeling them and cutting them into slices of approximately half a cm.

Once ready to cook, We distribute the potatoes on a baking tray, trying to cover it entirely and without much mounting on top of each other.. Sprinkle with salt and add a thread of olive oil over them, as seen in the images.

Bake at 190º C for about 15 minutes. We then add the fish broth without exceeding the height of the potatoes and we place the snapper on the bed that we have made with the potatoes. If you want you can also add an onion cut into thin julienne strips and spread it over the potatoes, which will be done while the fish is roasting. (I added it)

We grill the fish, letting it cook for 20 minutes, ten on each side. When you turn it around, it is likely that it will happen to you like me and that some of the fish’s pretty skin stays on the slotted spoon or tool that you use to bake the snapper on the other side.

Snapper Potatoes

Three easy and quick baked recipes, to eat well without messing up

With what to accompany the baked snapper on its bed of potatoes

The good thing about this baked snapper recipe on your bed of potatoes is that we make both the dish and its garnish. That is why I recommend that you take the opportunity to dedicate five minutes to the dessert, and bring this dish to the table followed by a mango and raspberry millefeuille, a dessert without an oven that you can make in five minutes.