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Baked sea bass with potatoes, onion and coriander: easy fish recipe

24 mayo, 2021

We start by peeling and cutting the potatoes into very thin slices, better if you make them using a mandolin. Once clean, we spread them in a baking dish, and cover them by sprinkling them with pickled onion strands, which will give them a special touch. It’s like making bakery potatoes, but using this onion instead of the classic raw onion julienne.

We also add a little salt, some coriander leaves and a drizzle of olive oil. We put in the oven at 180º so that they are done while we prepare the fish. We will have asked the fishmonger to open the corvina in half, leaving the bone aside. Looking ahead when that rasp rises without difficulty, we will know when our fish is ready.

When the potatoes take ten minutes, we open the oven and place the fish on top, which we will also decorate with the onion, and the coriander after having seasoned it. We let the corvina roast in the oven for at most 20 minutes, checking the point with the scrape trick.

When it’s done, we take the fish out of the oven, we separate the loins and serve them with the potato garnish on one side. The explosion of flavor in each bite is guaranteed. The fish is tasty, full of subtle nuances, very pleasant.

Corvina Cilantro Onion