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Baked salmon, the easiest recipe in the world

21 mayo, 2021

We started preparing a bed on which we are going to grill the salmon. To do this, we chop the potatoes into half-cm thick slices, the bell pepper and chives in julienne strips and the tomato into thin slices. We distribute all the vegetables on the oven tray, season and add a little olive oil, a little water and a little white wine.

Bake at 190º for 20 minutes until the potatoes are taking color and the rest of the vegetables have been well poached. At that time, we sprinkle well with black pepper and place the seasoned salmon loin on the bed of vegetables. We also add a few rings of the green of the chive, distributing them on top.

We let the salmon cook for about 10 minutes. Be careful not to over time or it will be overcooked, so it will not be so juicy, and it may be somewhat dry. The secret is to crush it lightly with a fork and if we see that the fish flakes separate, it is ready.

We serve directly in the same oven source in which we have cooked it. Baked salmon is very attractive with its orange colors and more if we give it a final one minute gratin touch to toast the surface of the fish a little. And on top of that, there is only one pot to scrub.

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