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Baked ribs: easy and quick recipe

22 mayo, 2021

To make the production process shorter, instead of roasting the whole rack, we are going to split it cutting the ribs so that the bone is in the middle and has some meat on both sides. It is an easy task.

We prepare a marinade, mixing the ribs with a tablespoon of hot paprika, a good pinch of aromatic herbs and two tablespoons of barbecue sauce. We mix well and leave the ribs macerating for an hour.

We preheat the oven to 190º and while it reaches that temperature we distribute the ribs in a baking dish. At first it may seem that they do not fit well, but as when cooked they will decrease a little, then we will have enough space for them to grill well everywhere.

We cook the ribs in the oven for an hour, turning them once every 15 minutes so that they are made evenly and varnishing the top with the marinade so that they take on their color and flavor.

By the end, we stack them on a table forming a pile and we varnish the outside with the juices that were left in the source mixed with another spoonful of barbecue sauce, to give them the shine and the “dripping” final.

Baked Ribs Quick And Easy Recipe Steps

Three easy and quick baked recipes, to eat well without messing up

With what to accompany the recipe for baked pork ribs

The baked pork ribs With barbecue sauce they should be eaten with the fingers, to remove the meat from the bone while we stain our hands a little. With a side of assorted sprout salad and tomato to degrease a bit and some very cold beers, everyone will be delighted.

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