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Baked artichokes, easy, simple and delicious cooking recipe

25 mayo, 2021

We remove a couple of layers of leaves from the base of the artichokes and cut the stem, which we can reserve for another preparation, such as a scrambled with artichoke or an artichoke sauté. We seek be able to place the artichoke on its base, so we will ensure that the bottom of the artichokes is flat.

We also cut the upper part of the artichokes, removing the tips that are hard and without fear of cutting too much. We place the artichokes upside down and press them, with force as if we were punching them, with the palm of the hand so that they open and the leaves separate from each other.


We flip the artichokes again and place them on a baking sheet. We season the top of each of them and drizzle them with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. It is important that is of good quality, as this will be noticed in the final result.

We put the artichokes in the oven, pre-heated to 180ºC with heat up and down, and roast them for about an hour (everything will depend on the size and quality of the artichokes). We remove the tray from the oven, let stand 10 minutes and we serve the artichokes hot, either as a garnish or as a starter.