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Authentic Cuban sandwich, video recipe for easy, simple and delicious cooking

25 mayo, 2021

Although the cuban sandwich It has been fighting for years on the other side of the pond, in Spain it did not become popular until 2014. Many of us have the images of the movie “Chef” engraved in our memory, with Carl Casper and his son preparing and selling this sandwich in their right-handed food truck and sinister.

A scrumptious snack perfect for meat lovers. The Cuban sandwich is very easy to prepare and takes little time, ready in less than 15 minutes. We have followed the recipe of the book Cuba Gastronomy to the letter, so we dare to affirm that this is how the authentic Cuban sandwich is made.

Cuba Gastronomy (FOOD-COOK)

Cuba Gastronomy (FOOD-COOK)

The origin of the Cuban sandwich it is unclear, in fact a couple of theories circulate about it. The first, our favorite, points out that this sandwich was the joint invention of the workers of a cigar factory located in Ybor City, Florida. Immigrants from all over the world, Italians brought the salami; the Cubans, the roast pork; the Spanish, the ham; and the Germans, pickles and mustard. A filling snack that they ate during breaks from their long working hours.

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On the other hand, in Miami there is a belief that he is originally from Cuba and that it was sold in Havana throughout the 20th century. The Cuban sandwich appears in the cookbooks of the National Gastronomy Section of the Ministry of Internal Commerce during the 1970s, where the use of mortadella instead of salami is recorded.

We cut the loaves in half, lengthwise, and smear the inside of the lid with mustard. In the other halves of the bread we are placing the ingredients: the ham, the salami, the loin, the cheese and the pickle (previously sliced). It is important to respect the order of the ingredients.

We close the sandwiches with the lids and brush the surface of each one with butter. If we melt it for a few seconds in the microwave, the task will be easier. We put the sandwiches in a griddle, grill or sandwich maker, close and let the bread toast for a few minutes.

If we have an iron with adjustable heat, we put it at a soft temperature so that the cheese melts slowly. Once ready, we cut the Cuban sandwiches in half and serve immediately.

With what to accompany the Cuban sandwich

In the aforementioned book it is recommended to serve the cuban sandwich with a salad of lettuce, tomato and onion dressed with a classic vinaigrette. We add a very fresh beer and round out the whole. With this, an informal but well-rounded lunch or dinner is served.

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