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Are you left-handed? You surely pass these situations in the kitchen

24 mayo, 2021

Has it happened to you that you have not been able to open a jar no matter how hard you try, or at mealtime, you take the cutlery from the person next to you by mistake? If so, surely you are left handed and you live these and more problems day by day.

And, being left-handed and surviving in a world with rules and tools for right-handed people is an art, and the kitchen and dining room are no exception! Here we share a list of things that lefties go through every day.

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Things a left-handed person goes through when cooking

Open a jar, can, or bottle

open jars

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It may seem like the simplest thing on the planet, of course, when technology as simple as a lid is designed to be opened by a right-hander.

Left-handers, by nature, do everything “backwards”, and when we try to do it like a right-hander, it could take longer … or just not succeed.

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Using can openers and corkscrews

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If we have the curse that the can does not have an “easy opener” (if left-handed people really can call them that), we have to use an annoying can opener. I, so far, have not been able to use one.

There are very good corkscrews that make work easier for both right- and left-handed people, but most of them are challenging. Are you right-handed and don’t believe me? Try to do it the other way around and we talk.

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Microwave ovens

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Nobody had thought about it so far, but enter your kitchen and observe: both the microwave door is designed to be opened with the left hand in order to manipulate the buttons with the right.

Ok, it’s not something to be classified as awkward, it just leaves me thinking about the myriad technology designed for a right-handed world and to which we have adapted.

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Things that happen to a southpaw at mealtime

Professional cutlery thieves


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When a southpaw eats in the company of someone else, it is not uncommon for him to “steal” the fork or drink of the person next to him.

And it is that, the position of the cutlery will always be complex! We tend to take what is close to our left hand (I make a public apology to all the people who sit next to a southpaw, like me).

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Throw water

mineral water

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This topic seems like a child’s thing, but it has happened to me as an adult: one wrong move and I could spill the drink from the glass of the person next to me.

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Cut the meat

Fish fillet in tomato sauce with basil

Lefties have an eternal fight with cutlery forever. Well, we have to move the fork to the right and the knife to the left in order to eat. And it is uncomfortable.

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This trait is perhaps the most obvious of any left-hander accompanied at mealtime. We nudge when we fight over food (either cutting meat or eating soup with a spoon).

It turns out that the person on the left is doing the same movement with his right hand, while we are doing it with the left. The result: an elbow battle that possibly ends in a food spill.

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Being left-handed is not bad … maybe somewhat uncomfortable

Despite all this, we love to cook, let alone eat! We only find it difficult to adapt a little more and it seems that we are slower, clumsy or weak, but it is not like that.

If you are left-handed or have a left-handed person in your family, this is the perfect opportunity to pamper them with a delicious recipe… we deserve it.

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