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Apple tarte tatin. Easy, simple and delicious dessert recipe

24 mayo, 2021

If there is a representative cake of French gastronomy that is the apple tarte tatin. Invented by the Tatin sisters in the 19th century, two women who ran a small hotel in Lamotte-Beuvron where they prepared it for their guests, and made famous by a French pastry chef who fell in love with this dessert when he once had the opportunity to try it. and see how its inventors prepared it.

Thus, the apple pie Tatin arrived at the restaurant that the chef ran, one of the most exclusive in Paris, and as a tribute to its creators, he kept the name Tatin, turning it into one of the most famous cakes in the history of confectionery. Today I bring you his recipe, because in addition to being important it is very simple, and so you can enjoy this classic fruit cake whenever you feel like it.

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We will start by preparing the dough. To do this, we put the flour and the butter in cold cubes on a work surface. With our fingers we cover the butter cubes with the flour. Then with both hands we work the mixture until you get a sandy texture.

We make a hole in the center and add the milk and the egg yolk. We are incorporating this with our fingers, and when the liquid has been absorbed we use our hands to mix the dough until it has a smooth texture. As soon as the ingredients are joined, it will be ready. We wrap it in film and let it rest for an hour in the fridge.

While we prepare the filling. We peel and cut the apples into quarters and in a refractory pan or casserole we make a soft caramel with the sugar and butter until it turns brown, but not too dark. We add the apple and we cook everything together for twenty minutes. We let it rest for half an hour until it cools down.

We preheat the oven to 180 degrees with heat up and down. We spread the dough with a thickness of approximately four millimeters and cover the apples with the dough, tucking the edges into the casserole. Cook for 25 minutes until the pasta is golden brown. Let it warm slightly and turn it over for a tray.

Tatin Manzana Coll

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With what to accompany the apple tarte Tatin

The apple tarte tatin It is enjoyed warm accompanied by a vanilla ice cream. You can make a version with pears if you like this fruit and with puff pastry instead of breezy dough, in any case it is a delicious and exquisite French preparation that will always look good with our guests.

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