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Apple Sweet. Easy, simple and delicious sweet recipe

23 mayo, 2021

We will start by washing, peeling and coreing our apples, leaving some with skin so that the pectin increases in the preparation and it remains well set. In a pot we add the apples in pieces with the lemon juice and the water. Cook for thirty minutes or until the apple is very soft, stirring occasionally so they do not stick. Once cooked we pass them the blender until leaving a fine puree.

We add the sugar and stir so that it is integrated. Cook for an hour and a half. We will know that our sweet will be at its point when we achieve that the spoon with which we stir remains standing in the preparation without holding it. Pour into plastic or glass containers with a lid and let cool.

Homemade apple fudge

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With what to accompany the homemade apple sweet

The homemade apple fudge It is ideal to combine with all kinds of cheeses, whether they are soft like Arzúa or even blue cheeses, but simply with a good piece of bread it is already delicious. With a softer flavor and texture than quince paste, it keeps for months well covered like this one. If you want to make more quantity, you just have to add more ingredients but following the same weight ratio.