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Aphrodisiac scents found in your home, and in your kitchen too!

25 mayo, 2021

Home Sweet Home. This is the perfect setting to spend a very romantic Valentine’s Day. Best of all, aphrodisiac scents that are in your house and even in your kitchen, can be the perfect plus for an unforgettable day.

Today we tell you what these aromas are and how to put them in your favor for this special day. You will not forget it!

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Aphrodisiac aromas in your home and kitchen, put them in your favor!

Tip: We recommend using 1 or 2 scents, as using too many fragrances could vitiate the sense of smell and lose the effect.



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Both its flavor and aroma have wonderful effects to increase pleasure. This is because it increases blood flow, especially in men.

Using a cinnamon-based perfume or as a room air freshener is a good option. Or if you prefer, a rich drink with this spice is ideal.

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Ginger: one of the most aphrodisiac foods


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This root is known for its stimulating effect and favors an increase in libido, as well as increasing body and environmental temperature.

Are you going to make dinner? Include it in your dishes!

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This fruit is capable of stimulating the sexual appetite, as well as increasing the levels of joy and happiness. Research has shown that its aroma enhances libido when mixed with rose essence.

What can you do? In a vase with roses, you can place the orange peels at the bottom. It will create a very pleasant atmosphere!

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It is one of the fragrances that acts directly on sexual stimulation, in addition to relaxing, reducing anxiety and inhibitions. Not only that: it also increases muscle energy.

We recommend using it as a flavoring or, if you prefer, in delicious desserts or drinks.

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