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America’s 15 Best Sandwiches

24 mayo, 2021

It seems that the origins of the sandwich go back to the middle of the 18th century and to the British fans John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich, to the cards who, so as not to miss a moment of the game, asked that food be served at the table. His assistants served him dishes with deli meats and marinated meats that the count, so as not to get his hands dirty when eating, placed between two slices of bread. Thus, while eating without getting dirty, he left his hands free to continue playing.

This way of eating, baptized with the name of sandwich for more than obvious reasons, quickly became popular. Nowadays, the sandwich has become a very common way of eating and there is no country that does not have its own elaborations under its belt. Today we are going to pay a small tribute to this superb invention through the best sandwiches in America.

America’s Best Sandwiches

We have combed the new continent from north to south, from east to west, and we have come across an incredible variety of sandwiches. There are so many that, if we mentioned them all, we would never finish. But we are going to synthesize and focus on those that, in our opinion, are the best sandwiches in America. Shall we start the tour?

Hot chicken

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The hot chicken or hot chicken sandwich it is typical of Canada, specifically of Quebec and surroundings. Composed of chicken, slices of bread and gravy, it is served with peas. Its origins are humble, being food for the working classes of the early twentieth century, but the simplicity of its preparation and its low cost were the factors that popularized it.


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Another of the most striking sandwiches in Canada is Montreal. Composed of smoked meat, it is served between two slices of rye bread and seasoned with a little mustard. The most characteristic of the Montreal sandwich is the amount of meat it contains and that, in general, the customer can choose the type of meat of the filling, from lean to fat and all cuts in between.


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The famous Elvis sandwich, the favorite of the king of rock and roll, could not be missing in this compilation. From Tennessee, USA, but popular across the country, purists argue that the Elvis sandwich should contain just two ingredients, peanut butter and banana. However, there are versions in which gelatin, bacon, honey or marshmallow cream are also included. It is served hot, after it has been browned on a buttered plate.


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The Cuban sandwich is a great classic among the Latino communities of Florida, USA. The movie “Chef” made it hugely popular worldwide and, today, those of us who like this type of cinema know that Cuban is a sandwich of ham, roast pork, Swiss cheese, pickles, mustard and, optionally, salami. It is served with buttered and toasted Cuban bread.


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Without a specific region or state to which we can link it, the BLT sandwich is one of the most popular in the United States. BLT responds to bacon, lettuce and tomato, a winning combination when placed between two slices of good bread. The amounts of each ingredient depend on the taste of the diner, as well as the type of bread to use and the temperature to serve it.


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Another great classic from the USA and equally popular throughout the country, without any defined roots, is the club sandwich or club sandwich. Three slices of bread and two different fillings among which to combine ham, cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, chicken and mayonnaise. It is a sandwich that is served toasted, cut in triangles and skewered. Forceful and a great unique dish.

Chopped Beef

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In Texas, USA, we find the chopped beef sandwich or what, translated into our language, we would call knife minced beef sandwich. The latter is very important, if it is minced beef it is not considered authentic. The piece must be beef brisket, seasoned with various spices and accompanied by barbecue sauce, minced penipillo onion and mustard. All this inside a tender white muffin. Delicious.


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The cemita is a sesame seed covered round loaf cake originally from Puebla, Mexico. The use of this cake as bread in which to mount the sandwich is the cause of the name of the sandwich. The cemita, which is very reminiscent of brioche, is filled with avocado, meat, onion cheese, potato and red sauce. It is so popular that it has crossed borders and can be found in many cities in the US.


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From Guatemala we bring you the shuco, a sandwich with an elongated shape that reminds a lot of hot dogs. In fact, the bread used is the same, but in a dry version, and it is filled with sausage, guacamole, shredded cabbage, ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise.


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Meat lovers are going to adore this typical Puerto Rican sandwich: the tripleta. Its name comes from three meats containing the filling, beef, pork and chicken, which are accompanied by a sauce made with mustard, ketchup and mayonnaise. As if this were not enough, it is topped with straw potatoes, shredded cabbage, lettuce, onion, tomato, pickle and Swiss cheese. The whole is toasted and served hot.


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With such a suggestive name, this Cuban sandwich promises a lot. Roast pork, ham, mustard, Swiss cheese, chives and pickles encased between two slices of tender bread that is toasted before serving. It reminds a lot of Cuban, but it differs in the type of bread. Traditionally It was served at midnight in the nightclubs of Havana, hence its name.


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Bauru is a very popular sandwich in Brazil that was born, in São Paulo in 1934, from the request of a young university student to prepare a hot sandwich of crumbless french bread, stuffed with melted cheese, roast beef, tomato and pickled gherkin. Since then, bauru has not stopped becoming popular and sold throughout Brazil.


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With a look extremely curious, the chacarero sandwich is one of the “greatest hits” in Chile. Inside a tender round bun hides a finely filleted meat, usually beef or pork, accompanied by tomato, green beans and chili peppers. Will it taste as amazing as it is appreciated? We will have to try it to find out.


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Chivito is the name of the national sandwich of Uruguay, which is not surprising when one finds out what makes it up. Finely cut beef tenderloin with mozzarella, tomato, mayonnaise, black or green olives, bacon, ham and fried or hard-boiled egg. It is served on a roll and accompanied by French fries. Quite a sandwich sir.


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Little explanation requires this sandwich, whose name makes it very clear what it consists of. Chorizo ​​and bread, as main ingredients and, on many occasions, unique. Although we include it as typical of Argentina, it is so popular that can be found in many other countries: Bolivia, Chile, Guatemala, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay and Venezuela.

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