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Amazon Prime Now raises the minimum price of your order

25 mayo, 2021

The minimum cost of buying the “super” through the Amazon Prime Now service for free delivery it was 19.90 euros, until now. From today this amount doubles to a whopping 40 euros which means that we will have to spend 40 euros to continue benefiting from the delivery service without shipping costs.

Amazon Prime Now is one of the services that are part of Prime (previously Premium) and in Spain it is only available in the cities of Madrid and Barcelona. The great advantage of Prime Now is that the deliveries of orders made through the platform are made in one or two hours for free, but this is now a thing of the past.

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Changes and new rates for Amazon Premium Now

Until now, the minimum order to benefit from free delivery in two hours was 19.90 euros, but Amazon did just went up to 40 euros. The minimum order also changes, this time downward, standing at 10 euros.

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Then What happens if we order between 10 and 40 euros? Well, it depends on the rush we have to receive it. If we want to benefit from delivery within two hours we will have to pay a flat fee of 2.90 euros. However, if we place an order over 40 euros, delivery within two hours is free.

These changes are joined by one more and that is related to the free delivery within one hour. To benefit from this service we will have to pay a plus of 6.90 euros, before 5.90 euros, whatever we spend. Come on, we will not care if our purchase amounts to 41 euros than to higher amounts because this fixed rate is not going to be taken away by anyone if what we want is to have the purchase at the door of the house in an hour.

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Prime Now has been operating in Spain for a year. During this time, Amazon has managed to strengthen its fast delivery service with more than competitive prices. However the bargain ends with this climb and he does it only in Madrid. The new minimum order conditions and delivery rates do not affect Barcelona customers, at least for the moment.

What has caused these changes in the rates of Prime Now in Spain?

As we have been able to verify, these changes and various uploads respond to the need to equalize the price of the service in all European countries. The differences in prices are abysmal compared to the United Kingdom (89.21 euros / year) and Germany (69 euros / year), for example, although in these countries Amazon Prime includes services not available in Spain: Biblioetca Kindle, Prime Student, Prime Reading and Prime music.

Everything indicates that this may be the first step towards a general rise and that soon Prime Now could stop being the bargain from which we have benefited so far in Spain. Hopefully, at least the services available in other countries mentioned above are included. So the blow will be more bearable for us.

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