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Alternative uses of aloe vera that will surprise you

25 mayo, 2021

Discover alternative uses and all the ways you can take advantage of the aloe vera to take care of you and solve everyday problems.

Aloe vera also known as aloe is one of the most used medicinal plants in the world thanks to its powerful properties. To do this, you only have to extract the gel from its leaves, even some historians indicate that Cleopatra was one of the first people to use it and take advantage of its benefits.

Its use within cosmetology and of course the beauty routine has long become popular, since thanks to its powerful properties that help eliminate impurities and keep the skin in good condition.

aloe vera gel

All the nutrients in aloe vera are in the gel.

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10 Alternative Uses for Aloe Vera

  1. Relieves irritation after waxing or shaving, in addition to preventing the appearance of pimples and redness.
  2. It fights nasal congestion and helps treat asthma by reducing inflammation in the airways.
  3. The gel helps to heal tissues after oral surgery by promoting tissue regeneration.
  4. Its tea helps treat conditions such as stomach ulcers and gastritis.
  5. You can use it as a body wash, as it kills bacteria.
  6. Its anti-inflammatory properties help treat bumps and bruises.
  7. Helps treat athlete’s foot.
  8. Treat stiffness and pain caused by arthritis.
  9. Fight constipation.
  10. A massage with the gel helps to relax the whole body.
aloe vera

It needs natural light but without excess sun.

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How to use aloe vera?

  • It should be and grow in a pot with room for it to grow.
  • If it is indoors, place it in a place where it receives good natural light.
  • If you leave it in your garden remember to protect it from the cold.
  • You should water it every 15 or 20 days.
  • If you notice the leaves wrinkled or very thin, it means that it needs more water.
  • To use your gel, start by cutting the leaves below, close to the base of the plant, which are the oldest and have the most benefits.
  • Then remove one of the green sides of the plant and remove the gel with the help of a spoon.
  • Use the gel to prepare scrubs, creams, infusions or apply it directly.

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