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All about rose wine and how you can use it in the kitchen

24 mayo, 2021

Let’s toast with a delicious rose wine! This drink has such a special flavor that you can use it to prepare other cocktails, marinades or simply to enjoy it alone and very cold.

But before you try the first sip, we invite you to learn more about rose wine and all the possibilities you have with it by including it in your recipes.

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What is rose wine?

It is one that has a certain hue of red wine, but only what is necessary to give it a pink color, which goes from light to strong, achieving an almost violet tone, depending on the grapes and the technique used.

Rose wine can be produced through 3 techniques: contact with the skins, through bleeding or through a mixture of red wine and white wine. The method preferred by winegrowers is bleeding, which consists of obtaining a by-product of the fermentation of red wine.

Some rosé wines are darker and others very pale, but this has nothing to do with their taste: the level of sweetness depends more on the amount of extraction obtained from the grape skins.

Benefits of rose wine

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Benefits of taking it

  • Having one drink a day can slow aging and improve blood circulation, as it is rich in antioxidants.
  • Due to its properties, rosé wine is considered one of the lowest-fat beverages.
  • Another reason to have a daily drink is that it reduces cholesterol levels in the blood.

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Rose wine for your meals

  • Because it is a fresh wine and it pairs with practically any meal: it doesn’t matter if you serve it with fish or meat, it will go perfectly with any of your dishes.
  • And it is also a versatile drink with respect to schedules: a toast in the morning, in the afternoon or even at night with rose wine is very good.
  • If you want to try it as a pairing, we invite you to try it using it in salads instead of balsamic.
  • The fish that most combine with the pairing of a rosé are the whites, such as hake, cod and turbot.
  • And, of course, you can give red meat a more fruity flavor with this wine. Pork, chicken, and smoked cuts go very well.

As a suggestion, be sure to try a delicious clericot with rosé wine so that you can try it differently.

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