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Advantages of steaming

25 mayo, 2021

Steaming has many advantages for your diet as well as for your whole family. Therefore, we have gathered the most important points about this cooking technique.

How many times have you steamed in this last week? Perhaps you are not used to doing it regularly, so today we want to explain the reasons why this practice has great advantages for you and your family.

1. Steaming allows you to better preserve the nutrients in your food.

two. This technique allows to maintain the flavor and color of the food.

3. It will prevent you from using any type of oils or butter.

Four. Fats that are hidden in food are practically eliminated.

5. The food is lighter and easier to digest.

6. Steaming will allow you to take better care of your weight.

7. Doing so is very cheap, simple and nutritious.

8. Unlike boiled foods, which are submerged in water, mineral salts are not diluted.

How to steam?

Distribute the food on a rack, which will be inside the steamer.
When placing the food in the steamer, the water must be boiling. You can add spices to the water to flavor your food.
Replace the lid and avoid removing it during the entire cooking time.
Calculate to put enough water to avoid its total evaporation.
eye! When steaming, the water should not come into contact with the food.