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a pizza for each day of the month

21 mayo, 2021

It doesn’t matter what time of year or time of day: you always want a pizza, and if we learn to make them well at home we will have an infinite repeating of ingredients with which to prepare them.

Making homemade pizza dough is very simple. And very cheap. We only need flour, water, baker’s yeast and olive oil. And, although there are many recipes, it is not necessary to make this one with more than three hours of fermentation, which makes pizza a much less complicated dish to plan than it seems.

In a glass, pour the warm water. Dissolve the yeast in the water. In a bowl we put the flour, the salt and, little by little, we pour the water with the yeast. It is easier if we knead little by little as we add the water, until all of it is poured and a homogeneous dough is achieved. After this, place the dough on the counter, cover your hands with flour so that it does not stick and start kneading. If the dough remains sticky, add more flour. This has to be dry enough so that it does not stick on the table or hands, but not too dry, because if it cannot break in the oven. Once the dough is homogeneous, elastic, but not sticky, add the oil, and knead again until it is completely integrated. Roll into a ball and make two incisions so that it can grow well. Return it to the bowl, cover it with a damp cloth, and let it sit at room temperature.

Pizza dough

A pizza for every day

Once you have mastered the pizza dough recipe, and learn to bake it correctly, only imagination limits what you can throw on top. Although, of course, it does not hurt to have ideas of proven solvency.

That is why we have made this compilation of 31 pizza recipes, a pizza for each day of the month so that even if you prepared it daily, you would not have to repeat even if you did a different one every day.

1. Ham pizza with mushrooms and arugula

650 1200

This Ham Pizza with Mushrooms and Arugula is good for get used to accompanying the pizzas with a good amount of green leaves, which we place on top when serving it and take it to the table. The filling, when using lacón instead of York ham, has that special touch that we like so much.

2. Mexican meat pizza

650 1200 1

The second option that we propose is a Mexican meat Pizza made with a tomato and cheese base topped with minced meat, onion and avocado slices. The right spicy touch is up to you by adding more or less Tabasco or jalapeño peppers.

3. Pear, ham and gorgonzola pizza

650 1200 2

This Pear, Ham and Gorgonzola Pizza is one of my favorite pizzas since the sweet touch of the pear goes very well with the salty of the ham, in contrast to the special flavor of gorgonzola cheese. I’m licking my lips at the memory.

4. Chicken, Brie, and Blueberry Pizza

650 1200 3

The Chicken, Brie and Blueberry Pizza is the queen of contrasts since the acid flavor of the blueberry and the creamy texture of the brie cheese work great with the chicken, achieving a very balanced mixture.

5. Tuna and anchovies pizza

650 1200 4

Fish pizzas like this Tuna and Anchovy Pizza have something special. Its intense sea flavor is softened with basil and mozzarella, achieving an unforgettable pizza. You have to try it.

6. Colorful pizza

650 1200 5

I discovered this colorful Pizza in a phone application and I am happy with that discovery because, being very simple, it is one of the most successful pizzas at home every time I prepare it. My nieces love it.

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7. Individual salmon and arugula pizzas

650 1200 6

I like the mini pizzas or individual pizzas a lot and I usually make them with bases made with empanadilla wafers so they are quick and easy to make at any time. These individual salmon and arugula pizzas have a combination of ingredients that I really like, and they are also one of the ones we make the most at home.

8. Mini pizzas with serrano ham and fig jam

650 1200 7

We continue with more individual pizzitas since these Serrano ham and fig jam mini pizzas are essential. How good is the ham with the fig jam. What a nice combination of flavors. Try them and you will see.

9. Mini pizzas with bonito, cooked ham and mushrooms

650 1200 8

Another variant in a small size, these Mini Pizzas with bonito, cooked ham and mushrooms. A peculiar combination of ingredients that is splendid when mixed in the mouth. Make more than you calculate because they disappear very quickly.

10. Mini caprese pizzas

650 1200 9

We continue with individual pizzas. Caprese Mini Pizzas have just those three ingredients, mozzarella, tomato and basil. I don’t need anything else to enjoy. And you?

11. Mini pumpkin pizzas with blue cheese and sobrasada

650 1200 10

Mini pumpkin pizzas with blue cheese and sobrasada are different from traditional pizzas due to their peculiar ingredients but you must try them because the combination of sweet, salty and all very powerful flavors it’s absolutely cool. The touch of oregano gives them the final point of perfection.

12. Mini pizzas with ham and wild asparagus

650 1200 11

The Mini Pizzas with ham and wild asparagus are a fun translation of the classic plate of sautéed asparagus with ham to turn it into an ideal pizza for an aperitif thanks to this mini format. You have to do them to check it.

13. White pizza

Pizza Blanca

Are you tired of always having pizza with tomato? This white pizza, a true Italian classic, does not have tomato or meat, but it is full of flavor and personality thanks to the set of cheeses it contains.

14. Individual pizzas with sobrasada, honey, walnuts and pine nuts

650 1200 4

Another recipe for pizza in individual format: The individual pizzas with sobrasada, honey, walnuts and pine nuts are liked by all children for the sweet touch provided by the mixture of sobrasada and honey. In any case, the children do not neglect that the older ones finish with them as soon as they try them …

15. Smoked salmon pizza with capers and mascarpone

650 1200 12

Smoked salmon works very well in these kinds of recipes and a good proof of this is this Smoked salmon pizza with capers and mascarpone that you will fall in love with as soon as you try it. The cheese melts and the salmon spreads its flavor across the surface of the pizza and everything blends in with every bite.

16. Chicken and bacon pizza with mushrooms

650 1200 14

This is a simple but flavorful combination. Chicken, bacon and mushrooms work so well together that the Chicken and Bacon Pizza with Mushrooms is always popular with those who try it. If you start from a good homemade dough, you have everything done to succeed.

17. Pizza from octopus to feira

650 1200 15

This fun Pizza from octopus to feira is a way of integrating a traditional recipe of ours in a recipe of Italian-American cuisine. The result is a curious and appetizing dish that works very well at friends’ gatherings.

18. Whimsical pizza recipe

650 1200 16

The Whimsical Pizza Recipe is one of the traditional Italian pizza recipes and our version tries to bring it closer to our kitchen, so that it is available to everyone. Try to prepare it and you will feel in Italy for a few minutes.

19. Eggplant and bacon pizza

650 1200 18

Aubergines and bacon are two foods that combine well, as you can see in this Eggplant and bacon Pizza that has practically nothing more than cheese, tomato and the aforementioned products. Making it a magic recipe is the key, but with a little while in the oven, the recipe is infallible.

20. Rolled Pizza Bites

650 1200 17

These Rolled Pizza Bites are great for when you want a pizza to have at aperitif time because they are much easier to dose. In this recipe we made them with ham and cheese but they can be made with other ingredients using the same technique.

21. Italian Pizza Fiesta

650 1200

Because of how beautiful the ingredients are forming the flag with its ordered colors, I love the Italian Pizza Fiesta recipe and I encourage you to try it as soon as you have the chance. It is made in a moment with cherry tomatoes and its flavor is unforgettable.

22. Creole, jerky and pepper pizza

650 1200 1

Mix the Argentine chorizo ​​with the Leon jerky and the Rioja peppers on a pizza may seem like a daring combination but surely you will be convinced when you try the Creole, jerky and pepper Pizza that it is a success.

23. Pizza with red pesto with asparagus and salami

650 1200 2

Can you think of a better mix? Wild asparagus, red dried tomato pesto and a good Italian salami with its powerful flavor, make this Pizza with red pesto with asparagus and salami one of the tastiest you have ever tasted. Take the test and you will be happy.

24. Pizza with goat cheese, cherry tomatoes and ratatouille

650 1200 11

The pizza with goat cheese, cherry tomatoes and ratatouille replaces the classic passata of the base or crushed tomato for our traditional ratatouille and the mozzarella for goat cheese. How do you think the result will be?

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25. Pizza carbonara

Pizza Carbonara

Probably, pizza carbonara is the simplest recipe to make in the oven at home and share it with friends or family on those movie and pizza nights or when a few of us get together to watch sports matches together in a group dinner.

26.Pizza with thistle mushrooms and ham

650 1200 3

The Pizza with mushrooms with thistle and ham is the favorite of my nieces. Tender mushrooms without strong flavor and a good ham and they do not need more to be happy. Try this simple combination that is juicy and tasty and you will surely become convinced of the recipe.

27. Pizza with vegetable ratatouille and serrano ham

650 1200 4

The Vegetable Ratatouille and Serrano Ham Pizza could be the most Spanish of all the pizzas since its two main ingredients are pure Spain brand. If we add a little Manchego cheese, we can already have it patented.

28. Green pizza

Green Pizza

In this green pizza the combination of vegetables to use is optional. We have used broccoli and zucchini, but wild asparagus, peas, broad beans, spicanas or any other green vegetable works great for it.

29. Pizza with salami, pepperoni and funghi

650 1200 2

The salami, pepperoni and funghi pizza made with spicy Italian cold cuts and mushrooms is my favorite pizza recipe. Since I found this pepperoni at the grocery store from my neighborhood, I am addicted to its mild spicy full of flavor.