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A haddock is not a cod

25 mayo, 2021

Liba, haddock, whiting, donkey or anonThese are some of the names that are used to name this sea fish, although I am sure that there will be those who know it by another name. Although they both belong to the gadid family, a haddock is not a codIt looks similar but is smaller in size and its meat is of a lower quality.

It can measure between 30 and 110 centimeters in length, but the usual thing is to find it from 50 to 70 centimeters and with a weight of 300 to 500 grams. Its back is green or dark purple, its sides gray, its belly white and it has a black spot under the first dorsal fin.

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It is included within the group of white fish, given its low fat content. Its commercialized fresh, frozen, smoked, dry and salty, it is usually cut into slices or fillets. Although their meat is not of the same quality, on a large number of occasions, It is marketed under the name of cod, especially when smoked, salted or when it is sold already cleaned and cut into fillets.

It can be cooked in a similar way to cod and hake, grilled, roasted and accompanied by potatoes, sauce, peppers and other vegetables. It is a very popular fish in the UK, where it is marketed headless, cut lengthwise and smoked; it is called “haddock“.

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