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9 ways to prepare nachos for all tastes

25 mayo, 2021

There is a perfect snack to watch movies, enjoy a game or to serve at parties. That’s right, the nachos they are ideal to share with friends and can also be combined in a delicious way. They are irresistible!

If you are going to enjoy a while at home with a movie, a game, a super bowl afternoon Or you just have a craving, here we present 5 recipes for all tastes. Enjoy them!

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The curious history of nachos

The story goes that its origin was in 1943, in Piedras Negras, Coahuila. In 1943, WWII military wives visited a very famous restaurant known as Club Victoria.

When the kitchen service was not ready, the head waiter, Ignacio Anaya, improvised a starter of fried tortillas with Wisconsin cheese and jalapeño pepper, and took it to the oven.

The success of the dish was such that it did not take long to become popular throughout the State and later in the rest of the world.

Hearty nachos for movie night

Tell us if these nachos don’t look irresistible!

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Fun facts

  • On February 24 of each year the International Nacho Day is commemorated. Don’t miss it and celebrate it with our recipes!
  • They are also known in the US as tortilla chip, and are one of the most popular snacks to watch sports games, including the Super Bowl.
  • In Coahuila the Nacho Fest is celebrated every October, where the guests usually eat various recipes and also contests.
  • The name, as you can imagine, is due to its creator Ignacio, Nacho, Anaya.

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Nacho recipes for a Super Bowl afternoon

It’s time to prepare your nachos. Choose your favorite recipe and enjoy it with your family for the Big Game of the Year.

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See Recipes:

  • Nachos with yellow cheese, potato wedges and meat

    nachos with potato wedges

    Without a doubt you have to try these delicious nachos with potato wedges, they are to die for. You will always want to prepare them.

  • Nachos prepared with flour tortilla and red berries

    flour tortilla nachos

    The best thing about this flour tortilla nachos recipe is how easy and fast you can make them. They will be your favorite dessert.

  • Gratin nachos recipe

    gratin nachos

    These gratin nachos are the perfect recipe for any time, be it a party or to watch your game and your favorite series.

  • Delicious nachos recipe with flank steak and cheese

    flank steak nachos

    Enjoy delicious nachos with a touch of flank steak and cheese easily with this delicious recipe. They will be your favorites!

  • Hearty nachos for movie night

    Hearty nachos for movie night

    When we think of enjoying a movie, obviously it would not be the same without a delicious snack. That’s why we bring you these hearty nachos, perfect for a movie night in …

  • Crazy nachos

    Crazy nachos

    Mid-afternoon craving? Crazy nachos are the perfect recipe for lovers of spicy snacks, prepare them for a party with your friends and surprise everyone. Curiosities…

  • Nachos with cactus chips

    The nachos are that delicacy that we all love to snack on, but if you are looking for an original way to eat them, there is no more delicious recipe than these nachos with chips …

  • Nachos baskets

    The nachos are delicious, but these nacho baskets will completely steal your heart. Have you ever seen something so delicious before? Do not stay with the desire to experiment in …