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9 exquisite ways to prepare chocolate cake

25 mayo, 2021

Who can resist a good slice of chocolate cake? This is one of our favorite flavors, and it’s irresistible not to try it.

Do not stay with the craving and prepare at home 6 exquisite ways to make chocolate cake. You will fall more in love with its flavor!

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The sweet story of the chocolate cake

This delicious food has its origin in Mexico and various areas of America, derived from the cocoa fruit. In fact, its name comes from the Amerindian voices pocoakawa (cocoa drink) and atl (Water).

Native Americans had a predilection for preparing cocoa drinks mixed with flowers, cornmeal, or various spices.

With the arrival of the Spanish, they began to call it chokauatle, and it was not until 1580 that chocolate took its current name.

In 1606, chocolate became one of the favorite drinks of Italians, thus becoming more widely consumed in various parts of Europe.

Its scale production began in the s. XVIII in England, although in countries like Spain they preferred to do it by hand.

In the S. In the 19th century, chocolate began to be made in a solid form after the preparation of cocoa butter and, with it, the great diversity of sweets such as bars, chocolates, pralines and others. And, of course, the chocolate cake that we love so much.

Before the s. XIX, chocolate was enjoyed solely as a drink.

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Curiosities about chocolate

  • Legend has it that the Mexican god Quetzalcóatl was the one who gave chocolate to humans.
  • In colonial Central America it was believed that chocolate was a temptation sent by the devil to seduce souls and make them weaker to sin.
  • Chocolate is so powerful that just by smelling it you can stimulate your brain, which increases theta waves, responsible for relaxing.
  • To produce a 453g bar of chocolate, 400 cocoa beans are needed.
  • Ruth Wakefield is the inventor of chocolate chips, who sold her patent for a lifetime supply of chocolate.
  • Cacao is a mystical tree related to Mixtec magic and mysticism, which is known as “the food of the gods”.

The cacao tree was known for its mystical qualities.

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8 benefits of chocolate for your health

  1. It contains polyphenols, which have a cardioprotective effect that stimulates blood circulation, the elasticity of the arterial walls, reduces blood pressure and raises good cholesterol.
  2. Helps the development of bones and teeth.
  3. It provides energy, helps the creation of new cells and carries oxygen to the body.
  4. It benefits the correct functioning of the brain, preventing diseases such as Alzheimer’s, in addition to strengthening memory.
  5. It works against cortisol, a stress hormone, in addition to reducing blood pressure.
  6. It has photoprotective action on the skin, so it reduces the damage caused by the sun and free radicals.
  7. It has antioxidants that prevent the first signs of aging.
  8. Helps reduce water loss and promotes collagen formation.

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Chocolate cake recipes

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