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9 different recipes to prepare beef milanesa

29 mayo, 2021

The breaded beef It is an infallible dish for lunchtime, that’s why we want to share the best recipes to prepare it so that you never get bored.

Surely you remember when you were little and your grandmother or mother would prepare you a delicious beef milanesa for lunchtime, it is one of the easiest and most varied recipes with meat that can be prepared, besides that they tend to yield a lot and are perfect for every occasion so they are a good ally of all kitchens.

6 Tips to prepare a good beef milanesa

  1. The cut should be thicker than that of a steak, this helps them to be more tender.
  2. Choose the cut well, the best are loin or buttock.
  3. Use a skillet in which the cut fits completely, so you will have an even cooking.
  4. If you want an extra marine flavor with garlic, lemon, vinegar, pepper, salt or minced garlic.
  5. To keep them dry, use bakery breadcrumbs when breading.
  6. If you are going to fry the oil it should not completely cover the milanesa.

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beef milanesitas

Serve the milanesas with a good salad or a vegetable cream.


  • Avoid consuming more than 500 g of beef per week, per WHO recommendation.
  • Try not to expose the meat to fire, since high temperatures can favor the appearance of substances related to cancer.
  • Organic meat: there are certifications that guarantee that the beef is of better quality and with a healthier process for the environment. So you check your products and the place where you buy them.
  • Avoid consuming saturated meat as much as possible, since this is the one that contains the most saturated fats that affect the arteries and produce cholesterol.
  • Always eat beef with a side dish. The most recommended are the vegetable portions. You can also bathe your cuts in lemon to promote their digestion.
  • Make sure the meat is always well cooked, as raw meat can cause bacterial poisoning.
  • The meat should ideally be 70 degrees done. When it acquires a grayish color it means that it is ready to be consumed.
  • Do not keep beef stews for a long time, as it loses its properties and can generate carcinogens.

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