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8 recipes with mango sauce to lick your fingers

29 mayo, 2021

They say that the secret of a good dish is found in the sauce with which you prepare and accompany it, and our palate agrees with them. That is why we want to share some delicious recipes with mango sauce, one of our favorite flavors because no one can resist trying this rich creation.

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Mango: one of our favorite fruits

Manila, boy, petacón … are some varieties of mango and are distinguished by their flavor (some sweeter than others), size (big or small) and color (green, red, orange or yellow), although whichever you choose, it will taste exquisite.

It is normally enjoyed naturally, but the pulp is used as an ingredient in jams, juices, desserts, chutneys, and sauces.

Do you know when they are ripe? If they feel firm when pressed lightly, and if they also have shiny skin without dark spots or bruises, they are good specimens. But if you buy them even when they are green, let them ripen at room temperature, not in the refrigerator, as the cold alters their flavor.

Curiosities about the mango

Mango and coconut jelly

  • It is the national fruit of three countries: the Philippines, India and Pakistan. In fact, in India it is known as “the king of fruits”.
  • His name is of Indian origin: mankay. Due to the complicated pronunciation, the Portuguese began to call it manga, until it took the name mango in various European countries and in America.
  • Brazil was the first country where mangoes arrived, brought by the Portuguese.
  • Can you imagine a mango that weighs 3.5 kg? Well, this fruit entered the Guinness record as the heaviest in the world, and it was originally from the Philippines.
  • The mango tree is sacred in the Buddhist religion.
  • Believe it or not, mango is a relative of pistachios. Both belong to the drupe family, also made up of olives, dates and cherries.
  • Around 46 million mangoes are produced annually worldwide, of which. 40% is produced by India.
  • The oldest mango tree is found in Kandesh, India, and is over 300 years old.
  • Mango has been cultivated for more than 5,000 years. According to historical data, the first crops were in southern India, the Andaman Islands and Myanmar.


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