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8 practical uses you can give to sawdust in your home and garden

26 mayo, 2021

Have you ever wondered what the sawdust? This is popularly used to make beautiful decorations in different traditional celebrations, and we have seen it dyed in bright colors.

We have also seen it in hamster cages to create a habitat for them.

However, this material, wood residue, is used for many practical things in your home and also in the garden.

Whether you have some or you want to go buy it at a lumberyard (it is a material, also very cheap), we invite you to give it these 8 practical uses that you are going to love.

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Practical uses for sawdust in your home and garden

For a compost

Sawdust is ideal for composting, perfect for mixing with organic kitchen waste.

If you want to know how to compost at home, click here.

Take care of your plants with sawdust

Sawdust is an excellent compost for the plants in your garden. You just have to mix it with a little manure and add it to the soil.

You will see that in a few days your plants will look stronger and healthier.

Sawdust for your plants

Discover why sawdust is the ally of your plants. (Photo: Getty Images)

Avoid shoe marks on the floor

On rainy days it is very common for the floor to get more dirty, because we enter the house with wet shoes.

What you can do is leave a sawdust tray at the entrance, rest your feet on it when you go in and let the sawdust adhere to the sole.

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This will avoid mud and dirt, and at the end of the day, you just have to sweep up the sawdust.

Sawdust is a natural herbicide

Sawdust can prevent weeds from growing in the garden. You just have to spread a little around the plants you want to protect (be careful, not over it).


Sawdust is more practical in your home than you might think. (Photo: Getty Images)

Clean concrete floors

It is ideal for collecting dust from concrete floors, which does not come out no matter how much you use the broom.

Spread it over the entire floor, moisten with water, and then sweep to remove dust and dirt.

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Mix to fill holes in the wall

Make a mixture of sawdust with white glue and putty. When you have the mixture, spread a little in the hole you want to cover.

Give it a perfect finish by sanding the surface and painting.


(Photo: Getty Images)

Use sawdust to light a fire in your barbecue

You can make some pills to start a fire and make it light easier.

You need sawdust, candle wax, a nonstick pot, and an egg carton.

Melt the wax in the pot and then add the sawdust. Mix with the help of a wooden spoon until you get a thick paste. Remove from the heat and place the preparation in the egg carton and let it cool. They are ready to use!

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Oil stain remover

Does your garage floor already have a permanent car oil stain? Do not worry! Sprinkle some sawdust over the stain and let it sit for 4-5 hours. This will absorb all the oil and will be easier to clean.

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