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8 Christmas preserves and jams to give away

23 mayo, 2021

Christmas is the favorite season to show our affection with details such as gifts and souvenirs. What do you think of giving some rich preserves and jams made by you? Today we bring you 8 delicious ideas for you to share with your loved ones.

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What are canned food?

apricot jam with jalapeño

Give your breakfast a spicy and rich touch with this apricot jam with jalapeño. We tell you how to prepare it.

A preserve is the result of the process of handling food, in such a way as to avoid or slow down its deterioration, both that they remain edible and their nutritional values.

This is achieved by preventing the growth of agents such as yeast, fungi and other microorganisms. Fat oxidation, which causes rancidity, is also prevented.

The preserves also have processes that inhibit the natural discoloration that can occur during the preparation of the product.

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Why is it a tradition to give them at Christmas?

Christmas preserves

Christmas preserves (Photo: Getty Images)

It is not known for sure how the tradition of giving preserves particularly began at Christmas, but it is very possible that it is linked to the winter season.

Before the existence of canning, there were various methods to maintain the properties of food, such as keeping it in dry and dark places, or wrapping it in protective substances such as salt, sugar and vinegars.

However, by discovering the methods of pickles and sugar concentrates, placing food tightly closed in jars, it was easier to preserve them during the winter, when there were no longer harvests.

Previously, bartering was more common in the towns, and there is no doubt that neighbors exchanged different preserves to spend the winter until spring arrived, at which time they could sow again.

This custom became a tradition at the end of each year, although it has been losing popularity due to the fact that currently packaged foods can be found in any season.

However, this Christmas is a good opportunity to recover tradition, don’t you think?

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Canned gift ideas

We share 8 delicious recipes for you to share with your family and friends. Not without first giving you some tips to make them a very special gift:

  • You can use Gerber-type jars to store the preserves.
  • Decorate the jar with rustic-style fabric, ribbons, or laces.
  • You can also put the jar in cardboard boxes and decorate them with Christmas motifs.
  • In addition, you can make small labels with the name of the person to whom you are going to give a preserve.
  • Include rich candy canes in the gift so they can taste the preserve you prepared.

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