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8 Benefits of tuna that will make you love to eat it

27 mayo, 2021

Not only is it one of the favorite foods to consume in Mexico: it is also one of the healthiest! We invite you to know the benefits of tuna so you never stop including it in your diet.

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Tuna benefits that you are going to love

Although it is one of the simplest species, which is distinguished by its practicality to be eaten and that it is not a fish that is precisely the star in gourmet cuisine, tuna is one of the most complete foods that we can eat, because it has a very complete nutritional level.

It is not for nothing that today there are 240 hatcheries in the Mediterranean Sea that exclusively produce this blue fish!

Its delicious flavor, its global availability and its healthy components make it the perfect replacement for red meat, know the benefits of tuna and fall in love with this incredible food:

Cardiovascular function

The unsaturated omega 3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) are known to protect the heart, strengthen circulation and prevent heart disease, which are abundant in tuna.

But not only that, it is also a rich source of potassium, which helps reduce blood pressure; that is, it prevents the rise in pressure and reduces the number of cerebrovascular accidents, heart attacks and discomforts related to arterial obstruction.

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Tuna benefits; lean protein

According to research conducted by the Iowa State University, tuna is the most complete source of protein, as it contains the 10 amino acids that the body needs for good cell development, maintaining a healthy immune system, and replenishing or gaining energy. tissue and muscle mass.

In short, tuna has nothing to envy to red meat, quite the opposite.

Tuna benefits

Benefits of tuna (Photo: Getty Images)

Niacin and HDL cholesterol

When we talk about cholesterol we automatically think about its bad cholesterol and yes, we have reason to think so, but what many of us do not know is the existence of one that is good and necessary for health, that cholesterol that prevents the accumulation of bad cholesterol on the walls of the arteries and it is HDL, which is part of this food, one of the great benefits of tuna that many are unaware of.

On the other hand, niacin is also abundant in tuna, especially in canning, and this vitamin helps to maintain stable levels of high-density lipoprotein, in short, niacin prevents the liver from eliminating HDL from the blood, maintaining HDL cholesterol to healthy levels.

Tuna benefits: protects the skin

According to research carried out by the University of Manchester, another of the benefits of tuna it provides is the protection of the skin, especially against the harmful effects of the sun, thus reducing the risk of skin cancer.

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The memory

Other benefits that omega 3 in tuna provides is to delay or slow down cognitive decline, especially in patients with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Tuna benefits

(Photo: Getty Images)

Tuna benefits: ideal for the diet

Being a very satisfying food, this will become your best partner for weight loss. A tip: if you eat a can of natural tuna at night, your body will burn proteins more easily.

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Minerals and vitamins

When it comes to being a complete food, tuna does not stop, since it also has phosphorus, magnesium and has significant levels of iron and iodine, two minerals that many foods do not have and are essential for health.

On the part of vitamins, those of type A and D also predominate and help you keep the eggs strong, although we also find those of group B, especially B3 and B12.

Canned tuna

It does not matter if it is fresh or canned: you can enjoy the benefits of tuna in the same way. (Photo: Getty Images)

Improves mood

If one day you feel down and in no mood for anything, eat a tuna, since omega 3, selenium, vitamin B6 and B12 have the power to influence your mood, making you very good and making you feel happy.

NOTE: It does not matter if it is canned or fresh tuna, the properties it has are not altered or reduced according to its presentation, they will always be the same.

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