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77 easy and delicious recipes

25 mayo, 2021

Lemons have never been lacking in the pantry at my house. I have grown somewhat ill used, because my family has always been linked to the agrarian world and one only had to go through my grandfather’s orchard to replace the citrus fruits. Now that I live far away I still have a hard time buying them, but I still can’t live without lemons. Are you also passionate about lemon? Well, do not miss this selection of recipes to make the most of all its possibilities in the kitchen.

Murcians have a reputation for adding lemon to everything, but I know that we are not the only ones. The chorrico is essential on the fries of the appetizer, in the rice and the soup just before serving or on the fish. But lemons can also be used for cooking, using their juice, skin or the whole fruit, both savory dishes and all kinds of sweets. The citrus touch of a good lemon is refreshing and aromatic, it adds vitamins, a little color and, above all, a lot of flavor.

Lemon Crackle Cookies Recipe, a delicious and quick dessert to make

Appetizers, snacks and garnishes

Lemon.  Mushrooms

We start with recipes that may well serve to whet your appetite or set up a snack menu at home. Many tapas ask for a little lemon, but we also have recipes in which it is a fundamental ingredient, such as marinated tuna tacos with thyme and lemon. Another option is a spoonful, such as the creamy Greek chickpea soup, which is great both as a starter and as a mini aperitif. And if we look for one simple garnishThere is nothing like good well seasoned vegetables, lemon is deliciously good for almost all.

Fish and shellfish

Lemon.  Ceviche

The marine flavors combine wonderfully with the lemon. I cannot conceive a frying or some squid a la romana without its touch of lemon just before devouring them. A fish in the papillote or grilled with lemon slices or with a good jet of juice enhances all the flavors. It is also great for marinades and cold dishes such as acapulqueña ceviche, and in fatty fish helps refresh and balance all the components of the dish, for example in the recipe for baked salmon with citrus fruits.

Meat dishes

Lemon.  Chicken

Perhaps meat recipes are less famous for being alimonadas, but there are many ways to take advantage of the aromatic power of this citrus with beef, poultry or pork. For example, does good couple with sweet sauces adding its citrus touch, as in honey lemon glazed chicken breasts. Another good option is to combine it with typical Mediterranean aromatic herbs, for example with the recipe for roast chicken with rosemary and lemon.

Pasta and rice

Lemon.  Spaghetti

As a topping or part of the sauce, lemon can make a difference in a pasta or rice dish. I have already commented that in my house the rice dishes – made from vegetables, seafood, rabbit or ribs – were always accompanied by sliced ​​lemons at the table, so that each diner could sprinkle the juice to taste. But there are other recipes in which this citrus fruit becomes all the protagonist, for example with the surprising lemon risotto. You don’t need many more ingredients to have a very tasty dish.

Cupcakes, muffins and muffins

Lemon.  Biscuit

We already reached the sweet section starting with the typical masses of breakfasts and snacks. Personally I love sponge cakes with lemon, and if I can always add at least a little zest to the aromas of the recipe. Combines very well with many other baking ingredients, such as nuts, vanilla or fresh fruit. The almond is my favorite pair, as in this almond, tangerine and lemon sponge cake, or in this other juicy cream cheese, lemon, poppy and almond cake. Difficult to choose!

Cakes and pastries

Lemon.  Bakewell cake

Although a good sponge cake can be a great dessert, cakes and pastries are the sweets that shine the most on the table. With fluffy dough, with a crunchy base, creamy fillings … the cakes are more luxuriously dressed with decorations of all kinds. Lemon is great to give aroma and a point of acidity that avoids too sweet results, as in the lemon cream and meringue tart. Let’s not forget the more rustic cakes, like the lemon apricot galette.

Small format sweets

Lemon.  Snacks

Cookies, pasta, cups, creamy desserts … the sweet uses of lemon are almost endless! Vanilla is usually the spice most used to flavor small sweets, but this citrus is not far behind. I really like it in spoon desserts like a good lemon panna cotta, and it can turn the simplest cookie dough into an explosion of scents, just like citrus crackle cookies.

Drinks and ice cream

Lemon.  Sorbet

Now that spring is approaching, they could not miss in this compilation fresher recipes that will come in handy in summer. If life gives you lemons … what to do lemonade! Both the American version and the recipe with pineapple and ginger are delicious and refreshing. And when it comes to using the freezer with lemons, my favorite option is the lemon sorbet, the simplest but also infallible.

And you, do you use lemon a lot in the kitchen? Do you have a favorite recipe or trick to get the most out of them? Encourage us to expand your citrus cookbook with some of these recipes, if you are passionate about lemon sure you will love them.

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