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73 recipes to eat healthy at work and without using a microwave

23 mayo, 2021

When the new course starts everyone talks about good resolutions for the return to work and we see many ideas to prepare homemade dishes to go. But time passes and the issue seems to be put aside, precisely when inspiration is running out and it is easier to relapse into bad habits.

That is why it does not hurt to remember now, with Christmas already looming, that it is worth continuing with our homemade lunch to go, because eating from a tupperware has many benefits and advantages. Can’t heat the dishes at your workplace? That won’t be a problem with these recipes for healthy eating without the need for a microwave, either.

AÇAÍ BOWL, a healthy, delicious, nutritious and super easy breakfast to make Instafood

Healthy snacks

Job.  Garbanzo beans

Eating a healthy diet does not mean that we cannot peck and have something between meals. It doesn’t have to be a routine habit, but if hunger strikes us or we feel low in energy between meals, Having a snack on hand will help us recharge our batteries and calm anxiety. Taking our own snacks we will avoid attacking the chocolate machine:

Legume salads

Chickpea Salad Ventrescadap

When we cannot heat a stew, the best are salads so that legumes are not lacking in our diet. Chickpeas, lentils or beans enrich any salad and they combine very well with almost any other ingredient, making very complete dishes. To make them vegan we can change the animal ingredients for nuts or cereals, as in this salad of roasted chickpeas with millet.

Salads with meat and fish

Chicken Avocado Salad

To alternate them with legumes we have many ideas of complete salads to which we add the protein part with meat, fish or seafood. It is important to find variety in our dishes so as not to get bored and vary the nutrients; The typical canned tuna salad is fine, but repeating it a lot can be monotonous. Why not try something different, like the Tuna Seaweed Poke Salad with Avocado?


Omelette with green asparagus, almonds and Manchego cheese

The tortillas and frittatas I like a lot to take away too. They are easy to prepare and we can make them with countless different ingredients, achieving a very complete and satisfying dish that does not need to be heated to eat it. In a tupper with vegetables or salad, or in a sandwich, recipes such as zucchini omelets can brighten up many office meals.

Savory cakes, cocas and empanadas


Cold pizza may not be very appetizing – although I know it is the favorite post-hangover food of many – but the cocas and other savory pies are yummy without the need to heat them. Must vindicate our cocas and empanadas, because with so much obsession for the perfect pizza we forget a little that we too have delicious doughs in our gastronomy.

In addition to a typical fine coca such as sardines or a good Galician pie with sardines, we can delve into other cultures, for example making a nod to Central Europe with the Flammkuchen with purple onion, goat cheese and pear, or try other savory cakes that will hold up very well in the fall and winter tupperware.

Sandwiches and sandwiches

Marinated tripe sandwich with rucolamos cup650ma

The classic when it comes to eating out: two layers of bread and a good filling. Sandwiches and sandwiches that have solved our lives so many times, a typical work lunch for millions of people in so many countries. You don’t have to resort to them every day, but of course if we make them homemade and varied they will be a much healthier meal and rich that if we buy it.

I’m talking about vending machines or chain snacks with questionable nutritional content. Nothing to do with the old grocery stores that I remember from my neighborhood, when you could ask to have a sandwich made at the moment with products from the store. Let’s make the sandwich well complete and appetizing, like the spiced chicken with avocado, cream cheese and lamb’s lettuce or the tuna and artichoke sandwich.

Wraps, burritos and more

Tofu tacos

Cousins ​​of the sandwiches are the preparations filled with other doughs such as wheat or corn tortillas typical of Mexican food. We can also use pita bread and other flatbreads to create similar wraps and wraps that allow many different fillings, or cheer up with somewhat different breads such as the bagel with salmon and three cheeses with dill.

Dessert, also to go

Pomegranate Orange Dap Salad

Which the simplest dessert, easy to carry and eat, that does not need a microwave or refrigerator, healthy and cheap? The answer is obvious: fruit! There is nothing easier than carrying an apple or a pear in your backpack, and whoever says dessert also says snack. You just have to try to vary throughout the year with local and seasonal products.

If you don’t like to eat fruit in bites, we can always prepare it in some more special recipe, to eat with a fork or spoon. A good fruit salad is always a great option, which we can also enrich by adding natural yogurt and nuts. We also have healthy homemade dessert options to indulge ourselves.

Let no one say that they do not have ideas for healthy eating at work if a microwave isn’t handy. Do you take lunch prepared from home throughout the year, or are you more of the menu of the day? What is your infallible dish to take away?

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