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71 quick and easy dessert recipes

21 mayo, 2021

It is indisputable that if you have landed on this page and you are reading us it is because you like cooking. You may even be a repeat offender, subscribed to our updates and stop by regularly. We like nothing more than your visits and the fact that you love to cook, but it hits us that, just like us, you also like to have on hand quick and easy recipes.

And, let’s face it, love and fondness for cooking are not synonymous with slavery and hours of work and dedication. We leave that to the stars and professionals of the sector, we like (and a lot) to have things easy (although from time to time we throw the blanket to our heads) and that is why we have dedicated some time to the task of compiling 71 quick and easy dessert recipes. We know how good they are going to come for you, whatever time of year it is.

The criteria we have followed when selecting these 67 quick and easy dessert recipes is that, from the point of view of the technique, they were simple to prepare and, from the point of view of time, did not exceed 30 minutes of preparation. We have not counted the oven times, or rest, or freezing, since they do not involve any work for us.

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Snack candy recipes

We started this compilation with a good handful of snack candy recipes. Perfect for when you want a sweet in small quantity, for a sweet buffet, to accompany coffee, to eat with your fingers, for countless occasions.

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We found them with citrus touches in the orange and basil bites and the lemon bites. Although the undisputed kings of the section are the chocolate ones, type truffles, among which the chocolate balls with apricot and orange and the cava and raspberry truffles have stolen our hearts … and our stomachs! We leave you the complete recipe for the latter that, despite being designed for Valentine’s Day, are great for any festive celebration.

Cava and raspberry truffles

Raspberry Cava Truffles

Heat the cream with the sugar until it boils. In a bowl we chop the chocolate and pour the hot cream on top while we stir with some rods so that the chocolate melts completely. We add the butter and the cava we mix completely. Pour the mixture into a tray, add the raspberry, stir and refrigerate until the dough has hardened (the thinner the surface, the sooner it cools). Once we have the curd dough, we make balls of the same size with a spoon and shape it into a perfect ball with our hands, taking care not to give the dough too much heat. Finally, we coat each truffle in whatever we prefer: cocoa powder, shavings, anise balls, etc. Refrigerate until ready to drink in an airtight container or tuper so that the chocolate does not get wet.

1366 2000 5

Other snack sweets:

Quick and easy cake recipes

1366 2000 3

Contrary to the previous case, there are occasions that require tart sweets. We associate them with special celebrations, such as birthdays, weddings, etc. and also spend hours preparing them. This is not the case with our proposals. Starting with the Nutella cheesecake and ending with the tiramisu. We invite you to prepare them and see for yourself.

Other quick and easy cake recipes:

1366 2000 2

Ice cream, sorbets and popsicles

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When we are looking for a light dessert with which to finish a copious lunch or dinner, our best allies are ice cream, sorbets and popsicles. They are refreshing, digestive and help reduce the feeling of heaviness that comes when we eat. We love cherry and yogurt ice cream, in which other seasonal fruits or frozen red fruits can be used, as is the case of ice cream with red fruits and yogurt without a refrigerator.

Other recipes for ice cream, sorbets and popsicles:

1366 2000 12

Microwave espresso cakes

1366 2000 4

The microwave is a great ally when it comes to saving time in the kitchen and with it you can do much more than heating milk for breakfast or leftover food. The mug cakes or cupcakes they are a good example that we encourage you to put into practice. How about a chocolate, ginger and pear mug cake or a cup cake with cheese and cherries to break the ice?

Other recipes for express cakes in the microwave:

1366 2000 1

Mousse recipes

1366 2000 11

Easy no, the following. That’s what mousses are. Desserts that take no time to be ready and are very well received by diners. That ethereal texture that gives the clear mounted to the point of snow makes them irresistible and leaves us with a sensation of tremendous pleasure, but without the heaviness of other desserts. Although the kings are the chocolate ones, you can also play with fruits to adapt them to everyone’s taste.

Quick and easy cream recipes

1366 2000 7

Creams have something special that makes them very pleasant. The desserts that are presented in the form of cream they are a sure triumph. Its versatility allows us to touch tradition, such as the Maria cookie and caramel row, but also innovation, a better example than the caramelized carrot cream we cannot find. You just have to choose your favorite among so many options.

Other easy and quick cream recipes:

1366 2000 13

Dessert recipes in individual cups

1366 2000 14

Presenting the dessert in an individual glass saves time when preparing it, as the content settles faster. It also avoids hassles when serving them and allows you to play with the presentations. As with cream desserts, individual cups are usually a great hit. Among the many recipes that we have published on Directo al Paladar, we propose:

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Other quick and easy dessert recipes

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We close the post with a section in which a bit of everything fits, a pupurri of easy, quick and delicious dessert recipes after which your eyes will go. From other countries come the Danish apple pudding or Æblekage, the cranachan or Scottish dessert of raspberry, whiskey and rolled oats and the Eton mess or British dessert of meringue and red berries. But more of ours are:

1366 2000 15

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